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A cabin in the woods….

Day 10 of AEDM This cabin fairy house sort of reflects the mood I was in when I built it. Kind of blah I guess. Not much embellishment but it's perfect for the fairy that likes a simple life, don't you think? At least there's a pumpkin in the window.....

It’s like Christmas morning!!!

When a bunch of new creations come out of the kiln after the final (glaze) firing, it's like Christmas morning to all of us who have put in so many hours on our pieces. Now we get to see the fruits of our labor. I was thrilled today with my new houses and I can't wait to share them with you all....

This Floral Cottage is a night light that any child would love in their room. The dark color makes it ideal for a girl or boy


A very feminine night light a Pink & Green Delight


An English Cottage with a little pottery in the window!


Everyone loves a Mushroom Cottage and this one has some pretty flowers


This Tree House is pretty from every angle!!


126 Fairy Lane is so quaint!!


Happily the shelves in my studio are once again filled with beautiful fairy houses and I have almost a dozen more in the making!! So stop by soon and add to your village while the selection is prime. Remember....the more fairies in your garden....the more magic in your life!!

AEDM Day 13 … A Pal for Fuzzy

My little dog, Fuzzy has a nice pal to accompany her in my children's book, His name is Scotty Mac. So here he is ... no black cats for Friday the 13th...just a sweet black doggie. (You know I love them!)Scotty Mac

AEDM Day 12 A work in progress…

I'm back to working on a children's book that I wrote over a year ago. The illustrations in the mock-up copy are very basic so the first order of business will be to fill out the drawings with more detail. The copy may also need just a tad of "tweaking" so I'll work on that simultaneously. My writing partner has made a suggestion that I'm considering so I'll also fiddle with that idea to see if it will work with this particular book. This is one of the little "characters" in the book. Her name is "Fuzzy"....Clara

Isn't she a cutie?

Falling into Fall

Fall has always been magical to me...my very favorite season. The colors, the smells, the feel of the fresh, brisk air and the crunch of the leaves as I take a walk....even the aroma of dried leaves...I love it all and I always write a poem to honor this exciting time of year....hope it awakens your senses to the magic of this season100_0071-241x300

Falling into Fall

Falling, falling falling…the leaves are tumbling down Swaying like the fabric in a bright autumnal gown. Playfully fluttering, floating here and there Swishing and swirling in the brisk, fresh air.

Falling, falling falling…now finally earth bound, A tapestry of color covering the ground. Inviting kids to rake and jump on this pretty rug, Embracing each and every one in a big fall hug!

Falling, falling, falling…the trees will soon be bare The gentle breeze will turn into a frosty farewell prayer. The feathered flocks will set their clocks for an early start The morning air will echo as they gather to depart.

Falling, falling, falling…into evenings by the fire Snuggling with our loved ones, what more could we desire? Our hearts are full, our memories fresh of golden autumn days Of apple pie and football games and ears of yellow maize…..

by Maron Craig Bielovitz 10/3/2015

AEDM DAY 16…Painting small

For today's post just a couple of little pieces I'm working on. Again using the thick white house paint, I am building a foundation for some dimensional paintings. Don't know where they will go from here….maybe into the "mistakes" pile to be re-worked at a later date but at least I put paint to paper. For the thick paint or gesso if that's what I'm using to get texture, I usually use a wooden skewer or chopstick to apply the paint and direct it where I want it to go.100_0186   I employ this method when doing drizzle art such as the little bike rider http://www.artbymaron.com/2012/11/03/day-3-aedm/ I did a while back. Fun, loosey goosey stuff...  

“Mesmerizing” for Illustration Friday

For some unknown reason, Steve found the new girl mesmerizing...   Well, that was the IF word and this is what popped into my head and onto my sketchbook! Wonder what turned Steve's head. Hmmmnnn?

Pet Pals

A little sketch for the Whimsical Wednesday site. Let's see, could be Molly, Patti & Fergus...

I found this neat soft corduroy fabric with a tropical print on it and made some pretty pillows

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