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Scotties on parade

Do you have a collection, big or small? I guess we all have an inclination to collect certain things that appeal to us just for the pleasure of looking at them. Just for the smile they put on our face. Just for the memories they evoke. I have more than one such collection but probably the largest collection of like objects I have would be my Scottie Dog collection. I have many Scottie Dog figurines but I also have Scotties on picture frames, Christmas ornaments, key rings, a juice glass, ash trays, a woman's compact, a cigarette lighter, magnets, charms, a sewing thimble, a wooden box, a crocheted doily, a box of nails, a coin bank, door stops, a draft dodger,  a pen, a hair barette, cookie cutters, wine bottle stoppers and umpteen pieces of Scottie jewelry, mostly pins. I'm sure there are more things that I have forgotten (my night shirt, for example) but you get the picture! And of course, every Christmas my hubby gets me a Scottie Dog calendar. I sort of stopped actively looking for Scottie Dogs but every once in a while, at the flea market or a garage sale, I'll come across something that is vintage Scottie and I can't resist having it!  My Hubby built the shelf above my office window for displaying the bigger pieces and I have 4 other displays of  Scotties haning on my office walls. They are here and there on the book shelves and there are also Scottie sun catchers in several windows of my house. I really enjoy looking at them and remembering who gave them to me or where I found them and my cleaning lady just LOVES dusting them! (Sorry, Donna) Of course my favorite Scottie collectibles have been the real live Scotties of my life: MacTavish (Tavi), Angus (Gus), Maggie and Fergus.  Do you have a collection that you would like to share with us? If so, send an e-mail with attached photos to [email protected] and I will showcase your collection right here too!


I want you all to get out in the garden, the patio or the great outdoors as soon as possible each day while the nice weather is here so the last entry in the Tuesday Tips series is "Clutter". Clutter is the biggest problem for most housekeepers. Your house can be clean enough to "eat off the floor" but if that floor is cluttered with toys and other things, the house doesn't look or feel clean. So how to avoid clutter in the first place is a lesson that should be learned early on in your housekeeping "career"! We touched on this briefly in the past but it bears repeating....PUT THINGS AWAY!  When you come into the house after being out, hang  your coat in the closet, when you change clothes, hang things up or put them right into the laundry hamper, when you are done using a utensil, clean it and put it in the cupboard or drawer, when you fold the laundry, put it in the drawers, shelves and closets, teach your children to put toys away when they have finished playing with them...you get the picture...a lot of housekeeping has to do with eliminating that bad habit of  PROCRASTINATION! It really is that simple. However, if you do get a little lax with putting things away, there is an easy solution to keep you on track. Everyday, as early in the day as possible, go through each and every room in your house and pick up things that are out of place. It helps to take a nice sized basket along with you for this chore. When you are done picking up the out of place objects, go back through the rooms with your basket and just put the objects where they do belong. This should only take a few minutes out of your life but it will eliminate a LOT of stress! The other tip here is to routinely go through your home and "harvest" objects that are no longer being used. Divide those things into categories: Throw Away, Donate/ Give Away, Sell. Have a yard sale once a year and after the sale, throw away or give away the items that remain. I know these tips are simple but housekeeping really is simple if we just devote a little time each day to making and keeping our home environment as neat and clean as possible. It makes us happy and relieves a lot of stress to live in a clutter-free home! Hope you have enjoyed the Tuesday Tips Series. Enjoy the rest of your Summer months in a happy, clean household created by you! =)


laundry room

Let's talk laundry. I love everything about doing laundry. Okay...maybe I'm not completely enamoured with the folding part but I really don't mind it so much. If you have a schedule to do laundry each week, it becomes less of a chore and more of a routine.  I sort of like to do laundry when I know I'll be around the house for most of the day so I can incorporate it into whatever else I have to do that day. If you try to do it when you are running in and out, it just becomes more of a chore. Depending on the size of your family, you will determine just how many days you will be required to keep up with this household job. For me, with just two people in the house, it's a no brainer that I will probably do laundry no more than twice a week. On Mondays, I change the bed linens so that is always a wash day. It makes sense to do laundry on the day you change your beds so do it on the same day each week. As I strip the bed, I also empty out the hamper and sort the laundry into piles on the floor of the bedroom. You can leave the piles there until you have finished the job or relocate the whole mess to your laundry room. (Mine is right next to the bedroom so it's convenient to leave it right there.) I know I don't have to tell you to sort it into piles of like items such as whites, darks, etc. I personally never do hand laundry. I don't find it necessary what with all the cycles my washer has to offer. I also do not have a clothesline outside but I do have a drying rack that I can put on the porch or patio for things I do not want to put in the dryer. I also dry a lot of things on hangers right in the laundry room if I think they might shrink in the dryer. I don't use liquid fabric softner because I find the sheets to be more convenient. They even have a new fabric softner bar that you can install right in your dryer that lasts for months now...how easy is that?! I use powdered detergent because...well I'm old fashioned I guess and it has worked well for me. So if it ain't broke...don't fix it! But I have also used liquid on occasion and it seems fine as well. Use whatever seems to work best in your machine. I use one regular detergent for most of the laundry and one with bleach for the whites. I rarely use liquid bleach for laundry as it is hard on the fabric. But I love those Clorox Bleach pens for spot bleaching of whites. Use according to package directions. For pre-spotting, I never buy those spot removers. I use good old fashioned Lestoil stain and grease remover which I put in a squeeze type plastic bottle so I can apply it directly to the stain. I rub it in with a hard edged object (like the back of a comb) and toss it in with the rest of the wash. This tip I learned when my son played midget football and I had to get grass stains out of his uniform!  I find it is the best stain remover available. Be sure to keep your dryer's lint trap clean so you don't have a fire in your dryer. And use your sweeper on the machine once in a while to get at the fuzz you can't reach otherwise. I learned from experience that this will keep your machine running more efficiently. Always TRY to take the clothes out of the dryer as soon as it stops running to avoid excessive wrinkling. And of course, fold them and put them away as soon as you get them out of the dryer. Why would you procrastinate with such a simple chore? huh?! (I see you rolling your eyes and groaning) I hang the stuff that needs ironing as I take it out of the dryer and when I have 6 or more pieces, I iron them all together. (unless, of course, I need an item right away) I also use a spray bottle of water when ironing in place of spray starch which can accumulate on your iron causing a mess! A few simple but IMPORTANT tips...Do not overload your washer or dryer. It's hard on the machine and your clothes won't wash well and it will take forever for them to dry... and they will be wrinkled from being over-crowded! And one last note on wrinkles. If a shirt comes out wrinkled in spite of your best efforts, put it on a hanger and, using a spray bottle filled with room temperature water, spray the shirt and run your hand over it and the wrinkles will magically disappear! It will dry, wrinkle free,  pretty quickly just hanging in the moist environment of your laundry room. No need for fancy chemicals or wrinkle release sprays. Just good old tap water!I fold my laundry on my bed as it is one of those high mattresses and I'm short...so that works well for me.  My laundry room isn't big enough for a folding counter or table  but if you have the space, that's a wonderful thing to encorporate into your laundry room.  But choose a convenient, large surface to do that job if you don't have a folding area in your laundry room.  A utility sink is a wonderful thing to have in in there too. It's great for messy jobs, dog washing, hand laundry (if you do it) etc. It keeps the mess all in one place so try to fit one in. You'll be glad you did. So, to sum it all up, having a schedule and a well equipped room are the two most essential things for making laundry day a cinch!  Oh, and no procrastinating...fold that laundry and put it away now! (it's only 15 minutes out of your life that will make you so happy and organized) Happy wash day!

Tuesday Tips…

dog tags...

Just a quick tip today and it has to do with something that a lot of households have in them and that is pets. There are certain household tips that will only apply to pet owners but they are worth talking about. Some of them are about cleaning but others are just about pets in general. Today's tip is the latter. It is a "convenience" tip. Most folks who are pet owners are extra careful with the grooming of their furry friends to avoid pet odors in the home. I am no exception. With two dogs in my house, I try to be vigilant about bathing my dogs every few weeks and because of that, I also change their collars at that time. The collars today are mostly made of sturdy cloth materials so they too get dirty and retain odors. Because I change their collars often, I do not attach their tags (dog license, I.D. and rabies tag) directly to their collars. Rather, I put them on a sturdy metal key ring...the kind that you have to slide the hole through the end and around the ring. And then each time I put a clean collar on them, I just have to take the key ring off the link of the collar and slide it onto the clean collar link! It is very secure and they are nice and fresh. When I wash the dog's laundry (yes, they have their very own basket of towels and blankets and pet bed covers) I throw the collars right in with the wash and then dry them over the edge of the utility sink for next time. When I am washing the towels I also change the covers on any dog beds at the same time and throw the "stinky" ones in with the towels and cloth dog toys that need to be freshened up. These things all retain pet odors so why not wash them regularly too? Happy pet housekeeping!

Getting it clean…

I know we talked about keeping your home clean and I said we'd discuss "getting" it clean at a later date so I thought that today we'd get to that subject. It's the hardest of all to tackle. Especially if you've been procrastinating. First of all let me just say that these tips are not meant to be "comprehensive" in their content because homemakers are such busy people in this day and age. I am just offering basic ideas to make life easier. I know that most of you could offer tips to ME about cooking that I hadn't ever thought of because cooking doesn't come naturally to me like housekeeping does for some reason. So I'm happy to offer what works for me and hope that it will set a light bulb off for you even if it is just a simple solution. Okay...getting it clean in the first place is not pretty so be prepared to roll up your sleeves and get down and dirty! I am going to use for an example, the recent task of emptying out my Mom's house to prepare it for sale. The house had been lived in for approximately 60 years by our family in one form or another ( IE: Parents and young children, growing family, empty nesters, widow, Mom & Step Dad & new family, empty nesters again, widow again)...you get the picture...a LOT of living went on in that little house! Mom lived through the depression so she believed in saving things "just in case" and recycling things too so the house was bulging at the seams and very dusty from being unoccupied for almost 2 years. So this is starting at a pretty shabby place as far as "getting it clean" goes!! Once I decided that we had to get at it, I became the family "nag" because, well.. I was the  "girl" sibling  who lived closest to the house as well as the fact that I was the Realtor who was going to sell it.  My brother actually lives closer though so he got to do all the "grunt" work with help from my hubby, son and son-in-law mostly although when we got to the "end of the tunnel". we even got some help from some of  the adult grandchildren who lived further away than mine do. So that was good.  Let me just say that "dumpster" is the first word to consider when tackling this kind of chore. Yes, even in your own home if you are on overload from the amount of "stuff" you must sort through. Rent one and fill it as many times as necessary to get out from under the pile of "stuff" that has collected through the years. It is good and noble to recycle what you can. As my sister and I cleaned out the drawers and dressers, my brother hauled bags of usable clothing and small household items such as linens to the Goodwill and Salvation Army.  We alerted friends and family of things we were selling and they got first dibs on appliances, furniture, etc. We had many a yard sale and dumped the proceeds into a fund for Mom's needs. In the end, my son & his wife agreed to haul the "leftovers" away in exchange for keeping whatever they made on it at the flea market. A fair deal just to be rid of it for once and for all! That is the shortened version of what transpired but the hard fact is that walking in there on the first day of the clean-up effort  is overwhelming so you can't over think it. You MUST just start in one corner of one room and work your way around that room until it is done. There is simply no other way to get it done. And that is what you have to do in a house that has been neglected for a while. Just dive in and stick to that one room until it's done! Don't even think about what's in the next room until this one is done. You'll need boxes and strong garbage bags for the things you are going to donate, sell or throw away. The things that are staying will be dusted off and put back where they belong (on newly cleaned shelves or in freshly cleaned closets). And of course you will need a box in which you will keep all your cleaning supplies handy to move from room to room. When you have gone through each room, you'll go back and wash the windows and sills, light fixtures, baseboards and walls if needed and then one more cleaning with the sweeper, broom and dusting and polishing rags and you are now starting over in a fresh clean house!!   As I said, this is the edited version because there are papers to be shredded, books to be weeded out, etc. but I think that if you keep it simple, and don't get nostalgic about every bit and piece of "stuff", that you will surprise yourself with what you can weed out and how quickly you can do it if you resolve to "let go" and move forward. Your life will be so much "lighter" without all that rubble holding you back. Your house or apartment will be so much easier to manage once the clutter has been hauled away. You'll have more time for doing what you love with a clear conscience!! So roll up your sleeves and start at the corner of the first room and don't let up until you are done. Happy housecleaning! PS. Don't forget to take "before and after" pictures to remind yourself of your accomplishments!

Tuesday Tips…A cleaning lady for you!!!

I'm sure that at one time or another, you have wished for help in cleaning and maintaining your house. Everyone can use help now and then. It's just a fact of life. But you might feel a twinge of conscience at the thought of indulging yourself in this seemingly luxurious service. After all, you're not some high powered business mogul with deep pockets so you quickly dismiss the idea altogether. But you secretly wish you could have help with your household chores. Well girls, I am here to say that yes, you should have help. Even if it's only occasionally. We can all benefit from assistance with the monumental job of keeping a house efficiently running! We all deserve to live in a clean and organized environment! That is not to say that you must have a live-in housekeeper (though that's our ultimate dream) but examine your financial situation first to see how often you might be able to afford cleaning help.Don't despair if there are zero dollars in the budget for this service. You may still be able to "afford" help. Okay, so:  #1. See what you can afford to spend. #2. How often can you afford to spend that amount. #3. If you don't have dollars to spend, see what services or commodities you do have that you can use to barter for cleaning services. IE: You can cook a meal in exchange for someone to clean your house for 4 or 5 hours. You can babysit, pet sit, house sit, paint a mural, knit a sweater, crochet an afghan, do some tailoring, do some gardening...the list is endless. But you have a talent or a gift or a commodity that someone else can use in exchange for their talent of cleaning or organizing. Sit down and make a list of what you have to bring to the table and make a list of people who might be willing and able to barter with you for their cleaning services. You never know what is valuable or important to someone else unless you ask. I have an artist friend who used the barter system to get laser eye surgery in exchange for a beautiful batik rendering of the Surgeon's home!! Now that is inventive bartering at the highest level so how much easier could it be to barter for a cleaning service this way as well? #4. Ask others who do use cleaning services on a regular basis for recommendations. But don't be surprised if your beautician is reluctant to give you her cleaning lady's name and number as some women guard this information with their life like a secret family recipe!! And for good reason as a dependable, reliable and efficient cleaning lady is hard to come by! But keep your ear to the ground and your eyes open for a while and you'll develop a list of "possibles" to explore. Local weekly publications are also a good source for cleaning people. Watch the want ads for people who are advertising their cleaning services or place your own ad that you are looking for someone. Your local college campus is another resource you cannot overlook as students are always looking for extra ways to make money and some of them are very ambitious.  And then there are the commercial cleaning companies that you might look into such as Merry Maids. These companies are franchised businesses that carry insurance and use bonded workers so you can expect to pay more per hour. But if you are looking to clean a badly neglected house to get yourself organized and back on track, one of these companies or the GI Cleaning type companies would be a worthwhile, one time investment . #5. Do your homework when exploring all of the above options. Have your list of questions that are important to you ready when you interview each possibility. If you do this, the choice will become obvious to you right away. You have to have a good feeling for the person or company that you ultimately choose. Then you have to work out the details. Do you leave them alone in your house? Do you give them a key? How often will they come? How many hours will they work? What exactly will they do? And the list goes on according to your wants and needs. That's why prep is important as you don't want this to be a "trial and error" venture. You want to try to get it right the first time. But the truth is, you may have to work with a few people or companies until you find a good fit for your particular circumstances. So be ready to face that fact going in and you won't be disappointed when you have to let someone go and start over. As for me, it is definitely a luxury to have a cleaning lady and I have had three very good experiences through the years as far as honesty and their cleaning  ability is concerned. And really the only issue I have ever had was last minute cancellations by the cleaning person at very inopportune times such as when I was having  special guests or right before holidays when I was really counting on the help. But as for honesty and the quality of work, I have been very lucky all three times!  So for me, reliability would be high on the list of things I discuss with a potential cleaner because that is so very important to me personally although it might not be to someone else. If you have a cleaning lady that is a local person or a student or someones sister from the chiropractor's office, you can expect that they won't necessarily have insurance against damages they might incur . A broken lamp, etc. is inevitable for human nature enters into the equation here. So you will want to have a frank discussion with the person before they start in your employ about letting you know if they do break something. Ask them if they might be willing to share with you the expense of replacing the object they broke. If nothing else, it will make them more aware and careful just knowing that you expect them to be accountable for their mistakes or accidents. There is nothing worse than finding something chipped or broken after the fact. I would rather be told about it when it happens even if they cannot offer to replace the object in question. They might be willing to give you a free cleaning in exchange for you having to repair or replace a broken object.  Honesty is more important to me here. As for my own needs, because I am retired and there are only two of us and the two fur kids here (and I am a constant cleaner as I've said)  I don't have a need for a cleaner weekly or even every other week.  So I have a cleaning gal once a month on the second Monday. I let her know if there is anything special that I want her to concentrate on. Otherwise, she does a good thorough general cleaning from stem to stern in about 4 or 5 hours. I know her and trust her completely so I try to get out of the house when she is here so I won't be under foot. But there are times when I am here and just try to avoid the room where she is cleaning. I'm always home when she gets here as she is an early starter (another thing I love about her) so she doesn't even need a key for my house and she just pulls the door locked behind her when she leaves. We have a great relationship so if she needs to change the day or if I do, we give each other plenty of advance notice so there is never a disappointment on either side. Your cleaning person has a life and a family too so there will be times when a sick child trumps your dirty house...that's life and you must be understanding.   I hope these tips have helped you to examine the possiblity of getting some help with your cleaning. You know, as a woman, I firmly believe that you should have the help you need. Especially if you are working outside the home at a full time job. Then it becomes more than a luxury...it is a necessity that I hope you will work into your budget for it will free up time for you to spend with your family and it will relieve you of some of the stress that is in your life. And remember... if it isn't in the budget, it's in the barter!! Happy housekeeping to all you wonderful, hard working domestic divas!

Tuesday Tips for the bathroom

Easy clean vanity

Today's Tuesday tips have to do with your bathrooms. I will talk about the Master Bathroom although these same tips can apply to all the bathrooms in your house. Notice that all you see are the bare necessities on the double vanity above. That is the secret to making it an easy vanity to clean and keep clean. Just keep out what you use each day for your basic needs. Hand soap in a dish or dispenser, mouth rinse or whitener (and the only reason I keep that out is so we won't forget to pre-rinse before brushing), toothbrushes & toothpaste, and anything that you don't want to forget but only if it's something you feel is essential to your basic grooming needs.

Her side

Okay, notice that I feel firming cream is an essential need for me (hey, I'm 64...gotta tighten that chin line and neck!) and of course my little thyroid meds case since that has to be taken first thing in the morning before my brain even engages!

His side

He gets to have the tooth brushes and paste on his side since he doesn't use firming creams. But these pictures are just to emphasize the tip here...keep it simple and it will be sooo easy to keep clean!

Cleaning essentials

Speaking of clean, there are just a few items that you should have under every sink in your house. Yes, every sink should have it's own cleaning supplies stowed under or near it. This way, there is no "excuse" not to clean when the mood strikes!! You just got out of the shower and notice that the sink is in need of cleanser and the vanity top is dusty. While you are thinking about it you can reach for your handy supplies and give it a five minute once over in your birthday suit!! No need to run for a scrub bucket and rags. All you'll ever need to do the job is some cleanser (just a wee bit is needed), a spray bottle of window cleaner and some all purpose cleaning agent(s) of your choice. I use Scrubbing bubbles for the shower and I make up a spray bottle of Mr. Clean diluted with some water which I use for the surfaces, toilet bowl and even the floor!! (no bucket and no HOT water is needed)   The other essential cleaning tool you need under your sink is a roll of paper towels. I use the Sam's club Member's Mark brand as they are cheaper and work great. They don't leave a fuzzy film and they don't shred easily. Notice I haven't mentioned rags or buckets...don't need them! I also use the Mr Clean or the Scrubbing Bubbles in the commode several times a week and let it soak while you are in the shower and then just give it a swish with the toilet brush when you get out of the shower. A quick wipe around the outside of the bowl with a paper towel (sprayed with Mr. Clean again) and your toilet is nice and clean with no effort at all. If you give your bathrooms a quick 5 minute cleaning a few times a week, they are simple to clean on your actual cleaning day. Of course you'll do the shower and tub and the floor as well that day but you still won't need a bucket. Just spray the floor with your Mr. Clean spray bottle and scrub with your sponge mop and then rise well so it won't be sticky (again with the sponge mop rinsed in the sink with clear, warm water). You may prefer the new "Swifter" type mops and that's fine but I like the good old fashioned sponge mops. What ever works best for you.  You may be wondering about the other "stuff" that you need to use for everyday grooming. Well those things live in the drawers of the vanity or in baskets on shelves. You may need to get creative if you don't have vanity drawers or shelves but there is always a solution for storage if you just think it through and work with the space you have and, most importantly,  only keep the things you really need and use. The rest of the "stuff" should be thrown away.

Only what you need

An example of this would be make-up. We gals tend to "collect" a lot of cosmetics that we never use or only use on occasion. Go through your collection of cosmetics and par it down to what you use every day and put only those things into a container that can be easily moved from drawer to vanity when needed. Ask yourself...do I really need more than foundation, blush, a tube of concealer, eye pencil or liner, mascara, lash curler, and lipstick? (a light and a dark are enough for in your everyday collection).  I have to point out my little nod to humor here. Notice the inside lid of my make-up box has the sheet music to my favorite Beatle's song pasted onto it. Eleanor Rigby, wearing a face that she keeps in a jar by the door, who is it for... I know...a little quirky, that's me but it makes me smile and hum a tune while I apply my make-up!

Stow the basics neatly

The rest of the cosmetics that you use only occasionally can be kept in a separate container in the drawer or on the shelf. You will be surprised to know that this tip will also save you time when applying your make-up each morning because everything you need is together in one place! When you are done,  put the container back in the drawer out of sight.

Dressing area

In your dressing area, you may want to have a little shelf on which you will keep your bath powder and skin lotion so it's handy. So these are the Tuesday tips for this week.  Next Tuesday we will take a look at an important subject. "Cleaning Ladies/Services" ... Can you afford one? Do you need one? How do you find a reputable one? What services will they provide? How often?, etc. Don't miss this informative "Tuesday Tips"!


I want to start a new feature on my blog. It will be Tuesday Tips. I think as home makers, we all have our little short cuts and household tips that we gladly share with each other. I count myself as a very good house keeper. I am not bragging or patting myself on the back here. I am just stating a fact about me…I am a bit anal when it comes to my house and so I have many little secrets as to how I manage to keep it looking “company ready” at any time. I want to share those techniques and ideas that work for me and I’d love to hear about your own tips and secrets too. So I will try to share an idea each Tuesday that might just  make your housekeeping chores a little easier! I’m happy to just keep sharing what I do personally but I would love it if you would give me your favorite tips to share with others as well! It will be fun to hear how someone else deals with a household chore or problem.  So just click on “comment” and let us hear from you on your favorite ideas or ask the questions that you might have. For my first Tuesday Tips post, I will give you the top three most simple, basic “rules” that I live by for keeping a neat looking house. Mind you, I didn’t say “clean” …that is something that will come with time if you get the basics down first! This is housekeeping 101.

Make your bed...

#1  When you get up, make your bed right away. Don’t use the excuse that you are “airing it out.” That’s lame!  You can do that the day you change the sheets. If you are up early and your mate is still sleeping then the last person up should make the bed. That’s not too much to ask in return for getting to sleep in. But, if that person refuses to make the bed, you have to suck it up and do it yourself as soon as the bed is vacated. If you think this takes too much of your time to do each morning, I urge you to time yourself making the bed. I guarantee you will be embarrased at how little time and effort it actually takes.  No matter what the rest of your bedroom looks like, it will definately look “straightened” if your bed is neatly made up.  (we’ll address the rest of the room at a later date) 

do those dishes...

#2  When you are done cooking or baking, wash the dishes right away. Do it as you cook if possible but if not, do it as soon as you are finished eating your meal or as soon as your guests leave if you are entertaining.  It takes no time to stack dishes in the dishwasher and while you are doing that, the pots and pans or other utinsels that you don’t put in the dishwasher can be soaking. While you are putting food in the frig and straightening up the table and kitchen or dining room (a five minute job),  the things that you’ve washed by hand can be draining but before you leave the kitchen, empty the dish drainer, putting those things away and clear off the counters (five more minutes, if that). Now your kitchen and dining room are straightened and look neat. (clean comes later… as I said) 

de-clutter rooms...

#Every day , as early as you can, go through each room and pick up things that are not where they should be and put them away. If its dirty clothes, put them in the hamper. If its toys, put them in the toy box or on the shelf, etc. Do not use your table as a dumping ground for anything…ever!! Depending on how messy you are, this daily chore should not take more than 10 or 15 minutes. 

use that hamper...

So those are the three very basic rules to live by to start making your life more easy and more organized. Every Tuesday, we will build on this foundation and before you know it, you’ll be living in the environment you always dreamed of just by forming a few good habits! Speaking of which, I would be remiss if I didn’t advise you to get into the habit of simply always putting things where they belong in your house. Don’t toss them and think that you will “do it later”…if you do it when you should, you’ll be too busy “later”…having fun or just relaxing in your clean house! Happy housekeeping!

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