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Psalm of the Bee Balm

I love watching spring unfold each day, little by little, right outside my window. Join me this morning...bring your cup of coffee...listen to the Psalm of the Bee Balm. As you hear what it has to say, realize that the plea for your undivided attention has made you see the beauty surrounding the narcissistic Bee Balm....and be grateful for the opening of your eyes....

Psalm of the Bee Balm

Spring outside my window and the Bee Balm is boldly pushing upward, outward.

Look at me it seems to say...look how I've multiplied. I'm so lush and green!

I am leaning toward the sun so that I can bloom and make you smile.

My fragrant flowers will be pink and I will entertain bees and butterflies.

Don't look at the Hostas standing along the path in a neat row.

Their crisp striped leaves...some have been nibbled by the bunnies.

Don't pay attention to the Creeping Myrtle flowing down the bank.

The bright blue flowers peek through glossy leaves like a carpet pattern.

Don't gaze at that over-loaded Bleeding Heart.

Those puffy blooms look like vessels to hold ones life blood...ready to drip...

Turn away from the hearty stocks of the Siberian Iris...nothing to see there.

Those purple heads will be bobbing in the breeze soon enough.

No....look at me...watch me closely...I will bring you a Humming Bird...

by Maron Craig Bielovitz


It takes a village….

I have had so much fun at the pottery studio these past months building fairy houses for gardens. I've sold some of them but my main reason for making them was to create a fairy village in one of my own gardens. I chose my shade garden for the location because it is a little "hilly" with lots of wonderful Hosta plants and some neat looking tree trunks which form a wonderful back-drop for the village.  I had a great time placing the houses here and there with the help of my granddaughter, Maddie. 101_3035 Some of them have little "cobblestone" paths leading up to the front door. Some have gazing balls in the yard or a cat in the window or out in front of the house. One of the houses has a rustic tree trunk mailbox...and it looks like they got mail! 101_3106 The village residents...a variety of hand made and purchased gnomes and pixies....stand outside some of the homes enjoying the neighborhood. A frog prince occupies a lovely toadstool home and a couple of gnome brothers have moved into the only "duplex" in the village. The mayor's house, on the highest point of the "hill", even has a dog house complete with friendly looking canine in residence. 101_3105 Some fences have cropped up here and there so I suspect there is some gardening going on. The (store bought) metal gazebo and swing form the neighborhood park in the center of the village where a little pond hosts a pretty yellow duck floating amongst some shiny pebble "water" A few miniature buildings have begun to show up....could these be little shops where the villagers can get supplies? 101_3109 101_3110 A pretty white one looks as though it might be a little chapel! 101_3108 As the village grows, a story begins to form in my imagination. Perhaps I shall share it one of these days.....  Meanwhile, the Village continues to grow with every new house that comes out of the kiln.... 101_3100


You can purchase a fairy house or two for your own garden.....just click on the "contact" icon on my home page to inquire....

Around the gardens….

All around the gardens, the Irises are popping out right now. My bearded Iris have never done good so I know they need to be transplanted to a different spot (someday) but the Yellow Flag Iris and The purple Siberian Irises are abundant and spreading like crazy. When I was younger that might have been a bit of a concern and I would have been swift in digging a lot of them up and distributing them to my gardening friends but as I get older, I say let them have free range!! They are beautiful and I love that they bloom early while I am patiently waiting for other perennials to bloom and for the annuals to fill out. Winter is long around N E Pa. so we savor every little bloom and bud in our gardens! The clematis vines are also starting to produce their beautiful purple flowers just now as well......ah, summer!101_2609 101_2610 101_2611 101_2614


I am coming to love the art of photography though I am such an amateur! Digital cameras...even the most basic kind, such as mine, really allow a person to catch images with a wild abandon since editing them is so easy and quite a bit of fun as well. This summer, my husband and I have been enjoying our extensive variety of sunflowers. We never planted anything but common sunflowers before so it has been fun to see the beauty in each one as they come into bloom. I love sharing them, through digital photography, with my friends! 100_1480

This one is called a Teddy Bear Sunflower


This is a Mexican Sunflower


A Velvet Queen Sunflower


And of course, the common Sunflower we all know and love


I enjoy making arrangements with a variety of flowers from our gardens. This one has Bush Sunflowers, Velvet Queens, Mexicans, Verbena and Black & Blue Salvia. Mother Nature has been very good to our gardens this year!!


A different kind of “art”…

At the Philadelphia flower show, I purchased 6 tiny succulent plants in a little "greenhouse". Here is the terrarium that I created for my plants....It's a lovely fairyland where my little gnome is the gardener in this mini world of lush green. I am hankering to get outside and dig in the dirt. Unfortunately, the dirt here in Northeastern Pa. is still quite frozen so this little garden will have to do until the thaw gets here! I had fun creating a little world for my gnome. Hobby Lobby has a whole section of figurines and garden cottages, furniture and accessories in miniature to create an outdoor fairy land and I am very tempted to do one in my little shade garden this summer.....hmmmmm....I will never outgrow the desire to play with dolls!! =) 100_0904 100_0903 100_0901

Spring has sprung!

Spring has finally made her appearance here in N.E. Pa. and we are soooo happy to have the yard and gardens at Edgewood looking pretty again. The hard work of spring clean-up has paid off in spades. It is time to sit on the patio or porch and savor a cup of coffee or sip a glass of wine and enjoy the fruits of our labors!

Happy Spring Everyone!

Well, the worst of the nasty weather is over and spring has arrived in my yard. My daffodils are multiplying nicely and the grass is greening up. Let's all get outside and enjoy the wonders of nature unfolding like the petals of a flower....


Seems like just yesterday I took this photo of a butterfly on my Bee Balm. This morning I look out through the patio doors and see the over-bloomed Bee Balm all dry and gone to seed...just like summer! It's a bit depressing but it is also a sign of the beautiful fall pleasures that are soon to come our way. Time passes, blossoms bloom and fade, seeds fall to the ground only to be born again...in time

More blooms…..

The Rhododendron in my front garden is in full bloom right now and it sure is magnificent! The (3 varieties) of Coreopsis and the Purple Cone-flowers are also about ready to bloom right beneath the Rhodie. You can even see how the pots I planted just over a week ago have begun to fill out nicely already! Here's a triple header. In the foreground is a beautiful Clematis vine, behind that are the bearded Iris and beyond that you can see the stunning Siberian Irises. I have hundreds of them and they are just starting to come out. I LOVE them! Such eye candy! The Poppies in my Son's yard have popped along with some Siberian Iris and the Coreopsis is threatening to crowd them all out. I better get transplanting!! My Son's Clematis are also in bloom. I planted these years ago when I owned his house and they are still thriving (on his neglect I might add...lol) The Hummingbirds and bees are very happy around our yards! Hope your garden is also alive with that wonderful music...hummmm, buzzzzz

the beginning of the blooming

I always enjoy filling the pots around the house and garden with annuals and taking pictures to compare with later photos of the same. Right now they all look pretty because we are so starved for color after the bleak winterscapes we've been seeing through our windows. But truthfully, they are just "okay" until they start to fill in and radiate with color. I do put a good variety of flowers and colors in my pots but this year I went a little heavy on the Snapdragons for some reason. When I went to the nursery, they took my eye because they were so huge. I got bright yellow and white ones and a flat of a different variety that were mixed colors but had not yet popped so they will be a surprise! The center always gets a nice tall flower...in this case dark violet "Angelface" which I have come to love.  Of course they are surrounded by other flowers including my favorite...Verbena. I love the graceful fall of the stems of Verbena and the beautiful fluffy booms in so many beautiful colors. I'd say that they are always the "star" of any pot!! Couldn't find any Polka Dot plants to put in the side pockets of my strawberry pot where I always plant a variety of Coleus so I planted some Bacopa which will cascade and form a pretty frame for the Coleus. I'm predictable with the hanging plant that I put next to the shed each year because the good old Fan Flower, which is like a hybrid weed, really looks nice and does well in that location. I seriously think you could grow this plant on a door knob! I went with these pretty Fuscia hanging plants for the front porch this year primarily because I couldn't pass up the bargain price of $6.99 a pot!!! YIPES! They were in a tent sale at my local supermarket so I snapped them right up. =) The Columbine is a favorite early bloomer with it's showy profusion of exotic looking blooms. These are happy in the bed on the sunny side of the house. Our Lilac bush is young but producing nicely! What a treat to pick an aromatic bunch for in the house! My son-in-law made this divider to hang plants on for the patio. I put a nice variety on it and in another few weeks they will fill out and form a floral "wall" out there. A nice backdrop for patio dining! The bearded Iris have just popped out and I love them. They are so "old fashioned" and I do love the Victorian era that it reminds me off. Growing down across the road from our house you can find a nice selection of wild things in bloom. Well, things that over the years, have naturalized themselves to the surroundings. In this photo, you can see Flocks on the right, some Columbine on the left that seeded itself all along our road and a beautiful pink Honesuckle bush in the background. Here's a closeup of the Honeysuckle. There are a lot of white/yellow bushes and vines along the road as well. The bees and Humming Birds love them too!Years ago I used to purchase Vinca Vine to put in with my pot arrangements and would then put them in the ground at the end of the summer. So now whenever I want to put them in a pot, all I have to do is go dig a few out of the garden! I noticed that a plant this size sells for $5.99 at the nursery!! Yipes, I have a gold mine in my yard. lolThis mound of beautiful little white flowers is an early blooming perrenial in my front garden and I cannot remember for the life of me what it is. I have to look when I go to the nursery next time to see what it is but it sure is pretty and is spreading nicely.So, just like these Oriental Poppies that are just ready to "pop", things are really starting to bloom around the garden and I am really enjoying my morning walks...with cup of coffee in hand! Hope your garden is blooming as well. Get out there and enjoy every bud and blossom because , as we all know, it will soon be a snow covered memory......

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