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Trio completed…

Last time I posted a photo of three cuties that I had just finished sculpting so today I'm posting a photo of what they look like after being glaze fired. They each have a "partner" waiting to join them on the shelf and one of them has a whole family waiting for him!!

and in case you forgot, here's the before photo....

I just love the way these came out and while I am ready to get back to house construction to fill my empty post Christmas  shelves up, I will most likely keep creating small sculptures such as these for the pure joy of it!!

So stinkin’ cute!!

For day 27 of AEDM I give you 3 little guys that are so stinkin' cute I laugh out loud when I look at them!!

Can't wait to see them when they are finished!! I made each one of them to go with another already completed critter.


Well, at long last I have finished my second wood pallet art piece! I made all these mini ceramic busts of different men and I had an idea for a brick sided apartment building. Then I thought of the old time YMCA buildings where they housed only men so that became the name for this piece. Here we have a glimpse into the rooms of the surfer dude with his muscular physique and his posters on the wall, the professor in his smoking jacket and bow tie lounging in his extensive library, the artist with his red beret in a loft-like room with a brick wall full of his paintings, the bare chested nature lover looking out his bathroom window with the shower in the background and lastly, the pastor in his clerical garb saying his prayers in front of stained glass windows..It was fun to design this piece and work on the separate parts but as with any multi faceted art installation it was a real challenge to put it all together! But like my first pallet piece, it is fun to look at all the details and it really makes me smile....

let's peek into Pierre's loft....

Here are the two pallets side by side

I have one more of these small pallets and already have a design in mind for it so stay tuned!!

In the Christmas Spirit….

I guess you can tell by my latest creations that I am in Christmas mode here. I love my little melty snowmen and animals. Can't you see those snowmen on your shelf for the holidays? What fun to find a "Little Luvs" critter in the toe of your stocking!! 

Sweet faces

A few new sweet faces ready to be bisque fired. I'm enjoying creating these little critters just in time for Christmas giving!!

Flower Blossom Cottage

I made this cottage this past summer and I admit that I didn't get to enjoy it on my shelf for very long before someone came along and snapped it up. They even had a little pedestal for it that fit perfectly. I'm happy it got a good home in their garden.

Toadstool Kitty Cottage….

This Toadstool Cottage has a gray kitty sunning herself in the front window and a flower pot in the back window. The bright orange accents give it a fresh fall look. 

Another cute face….

I just finished this little fat mouse. Yes, another mouse. There's something so sweet about them, isn't there? Unless of course they are in your basement doing damage! This is the time of year they try to move in for the winter here in the country so maybe that's why I have mice on the mind! ha ha. Anyway, he/she will join the little mouse family in my studio....maybe this is a Granny or an Auntie.....

Whimsical tissue box cover….

The other evening at my friend's house, we all got a good laugh from the whimsical tissue box cover that she had recently found in a thrift shop and couldn't resist buying. I took a photo of it and decided to try to make my own version of the cover so I have built one and it will be fun to see how it looks after it is glazed and fired. The hard part will be to get the size right as there is always a certain amount of shrinkage from the firing. So this first one will be the experimental one and if the tissue box doesn't fit, it can defiantly hold a roll of toilet tissue!! The idea is to have the tissue look like it's right at the tip of the nose. My friends box had lips below the paper slot but I didn't have room so I just made the slot in the shape of lips instead. I'll post the end results in a week or two after it is bisque fired, glazed and then the final glaze firing. These things take time, folks!!

More little luvs…

This bunny and Mrs. Mouse are the latest "Little Luvs" to arrive on the scene. I have such a wonderful collection of animals lounging around the studio now. What purpose do they have? Well....they do make me smile!! 

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