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Penny Candy…

I haven't been posting too much poetry lately because I'm working on a book of poetry but I love this little nostalgic poem so much because it has roots in my childhood when all the kids around our small town would buy penny candy at my great Aunt and Uncles' Mom & Pop store...

Penny Candy

Remember the local Mom & Pop Store

Where you could buy bread and milk and more?

Where children with smudged and hopeful faces

Pressed their noses against penny candy cases

It was here that the change from a loaf of bread

Amazed you at just how far it would spread!

The proprietor was always patient and kind

The choices so many it blew your mind!

What would it be, black licorice or red?

Or a few juicy wax pop bottles instead

Perhaps jelly babies or a watermelon slice

One of each would sure be nice!

Candy cigarettes and bubble gum cigars

Necco Wafers and Hershey bars

Coconut Bon Bons and Caramel Creams

This was the stuff of our childhood dreams

And really...what child could ask for more?

Penny candy from the Mom and Pop store!!

Maron Craig Bielovitz


A Nester

A Nester

Watching wildlife as they gather their stores

Watching the geese as they flee

Winging their way towards the South

Which one resembles me?

The furry creatures with thicker coats

Against the winter cold

Will burrow into their feathered nests

They seem so brave and bold!

I’ll watch them forage for extra food

Warm … in my cozy chair

I’ll be amazed how happy they look

As they scamper here and there!

I’ll dream of the birds that took to the sky

While watching the snow start to fall

I’ll imagine the warmth of those Southern days

But at the end of it all…

I reckon I’m more like the furry ones

Who get ready for the storm

Looking forward to evenings by the fire

Feeling safe and loved and warm….

by Maron Craig Bielovitz 10/25/2017


My form of exercise is walking. It also happens to be my meditation time. It's a time of reflection when I get my priorities for the day in order...get my head on straight as it were! I can usually manage on average 3 miles a day/3 to 5 days a week though some days I walk further and some days it's a little less. I listen to my body. If I feel I need a challenge and I'm up for it, I push a little harder. If I'm feeling like it's too much effort to put one foot in front of the other...I give myself a break. It is the kindest, most loving thing I do just for me....walking! Many times when I'm walking, I think of new designs for my houses or new ideas for projects, I say prayers of thanks for the beauty around me and for the gift that I am able to continue to walk....for my health in general. I think about people I love and pray for people who are in need of healing. I walk along and I don't carry ear phones for music or books on tape...I listen to nature or to my inner voice. Sometimes, like this morning, a poem forms in my mind and I capture it as soon as I get home....


I walk along a country lane in the early morning air

enjoying the quiet solitude I find as I wander there.

The pastel columbine and flocks catch a gentle breeze

and sway a dance of welcome...sheltered by the trees.

Feathery ferns that were fiddleheads just the other day

are playing host to baby fawns who linger there to play.

It's a lush green world with dew-kissed grass

where rabbits scatter as I pass

where the cooing of the mourning dove

lends a soulful sound of peace

....and love.

by Maron Craig Bielovitz


Psalm of the Bee Balm

I love watching spring unfold each day, little by little, right outside my window. Join me this morning...bring your cup of coffee...listen to the Psalm of the Bee Balm. As you hear what it has to say, realize that the plea for your undivided attention has made you see the beauty surrounding the narcissistic Bee Balm....and be grateful for the opening of your eyes....

Psalm of the Bee Balm

Spring outside my window and the Bee Balm is boldly pushing upward, outward.

Look at me it seems to say...look how I've multiplied. I'm so lush and green!

I am leaning toward the sun so that I can bloom and make you smile.

My fragrant flowers will be pink and I will entertain bees and butterflies.

Don't look at the Hostas standing along the path in a neat row.

Their crisp striped leaves...some have been nibbled by the bunnies.

Don't pay attention to the Creeping Myrtle flowing down the bank.

The bright blue flowers peek through glossy leaves like a carpet pattern.

Don't gaze at that over-loaded Bleeding Heart.

Those puffy blooms look like vessels to hold ones life blood...ready to drip...

Turn away from the hearty stocks of the Siberian Iris...nothing to see there.

Those purple heads will be bobbing in the breeze soon enough.

No....look at me...watch me closely...I will bring you a Humming Bird...

by Maron Craig Bielovitz


Winter Quietude

Winter Quietude

Morning bleeds through the bare trees painting the snow lilac

Birds begin their daily serenade

Squirrels forage for seeds beneath the feeder

A Mourning Dove skates across the frozen birdbath

It's a scene of winter quietude

by Maron Craig Bielovitz


Weathering the Storm…

Weathering the Storm

The squirrels are in the treetops snuggling together

They've set aside a store of food in case of stormy weather

They haven't got a worry and they haven't got a care

Dry and safe with bellies full, it's warm and cozy there

The deer are tucked in under a stand of towering pine

The needles make a bed for them that really is quite fine

They knew the storm was coming and so they ate their fill

Of tender bark and wrinkled berries found up on the hill

The bunnies in their burrow with noses twitching fast

Wonder to each other how long the snow will last

Yesterday they ate a meal of winter grass and clover

Enough to stave their hunger until the storm is over

A winter scene is quiet with the animals asleep

There won't be much activity when the snow is deep

It's a day for sitting by the fire and watching snow flakes  fall

And in the silence you may hear the winter snow birds call...

by Maron Craig Bielovitz


A Gift…

A Gift

A ray of sunshine reaches through the heavy morning mist.

Is this hope?

A tender bud responds and a fragrant flower is born.

Is this faith?

A bee softly lands and busily gathers nectar.

Is this love?

Honey is harvested to sweeten our lives

Is this God?

by Maron Craig Bielovitz


Summer’s End



The spent heads of Bee Balm sway in a gentle morning breeze. An apple green Hummingbird sips from slender stalks of salvia blooms. The fairy house village lies sleeping in the embrace of lush garden foliage. Bird houses, having nurtured a new generation of feathery renters, stand empty. An over-ripe tomato falls to the ground startiling a stealthy gray cat. The soft thud breaks the silence of the new day… …with a reminder that summer is waining

Maron Craig Bielovitz


A Sensory Summer Morning…..

Often in the morning, as I sit and sip my coffee, I find inspiration for a poem as I look out the patio doors. This was one of those mornings.....

A Sensory Summer Morning

The toast is crisp and warm with a layer of salty butter. My favorite mug is filled with coffee…sweet, black and freshly brewed. Two dogs at my feet are soft with that comforting musky canine smell. Outside the screen door the patio is alive with the color of flowers, the sound of bird music, squirrels chirping and the caw of the crows.

The woods appear to be conspiring… closing in around the yard, embracing my home with leafy arms to protect against storms. The morning sun reaches with tendrils of shimmering gold, to where a lone rabbit lingers in a patch of clover, to paint the thick soft grass with streaks of promise.

A spiderweb, softly painted with the morning dew, hangs like delicate lace from the rosebush. A tiny tender yellow squash emerges from a papery blossom where it lays nestled on a bed of moist and fertile black soil. It's a summer morning for the senses. by Maron Craig Bielovitz 6/18/2016

hanging plants and bee balm

AEDM Day 28…Christmas Archives…

For today's post, reaching into the archives and looking ahead to December...Unknown

My Perfect Christmas

by Maron Craig Bielovitz

“Twas the week before Christmas and all though the place

wreaths made of pine and snowflakes of lace

were decking the hallways… and framing each door

were glittering garlands and holly galore.

The stockings were pressed and ready to hang.

And my fruitcakes had aged to a very nice tang.

The children had quietly finished their chores and,

now bundled up warmly, were playing outdoors.

Pappa came home at a quarter past three

so we could go out to cut our own tree.

The first one we looked at seemed the right size

and the trunk wasn’t crooked…what a surprise!

The tree was trimmed with the trains chuggling ’round

while the children sang carrols – such a heavenly sound!

In those few leisure hours, I did all my baking

and finished the very last gift I was making.

Christmas cards (which I wrote out on Thanksgiving Day)

were stamped and sealed and on their way!

The house was all cleaned, the gifts were all wrapped.

Plans for the holiday dinner were mapped.

I remember thinking…”I deserve a rest”…

“I’ll lie down for a while to resore my zest!.”

So why do I feel like I’m ready to scream?

‘Cuz I woke up to find… it was only a dream!!!!!

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