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AEDM Day 7… Morning Lessons…

MORNING LESSONS : from the face book page of my dogs, Fergus and his little brother, Shamus... 100_1172 100_1861 100_1860 "Dude, I can't believe you did this to our chair! I don't even think this chair is a year old....why, why do you have to sink your teeth into things?" "I'm sorry, brother but I have anxiety issues." "Anxiety? That's your reasoning? More like anger issues if you ask me. You see something out the window and you're mad you can't get at it so you sink your teeth into the window sill or the chair...pathetic!" "Well, when you say it like that....maybe I need therapy, no?" "gee...'ya think!!!  

School days….

MORNING LESSONS: "Wow, this is exciting, bro, I always love the first day of school!" "Yeah, well not as much as the Mommas do I bet!" "This year it's even more exciting though since we have 4 little ones to see onto the buses!" "I know...lots of drama...but it's part of our daily routine so better get back in the groove." "Happy first day to all of our NP pals!!100_1665 (1)

Morning Lessons….

MORNING LESSONS: "Well, how do you feel today, little buddy?" "I feel gooder than anything but I was really tired last night after getting groomed, weren't you?" "Yep, always tired when we get home from the spa." "I sure had fun playing with those big guys at the groomers though, didn't you?" "Yep….they sure are big!" I think Nicki should start a day care so we could go over and play once a week, don't you?" "Something to consider, little one, something to consider…" "I think I'm gonna' call her and see what she says!" "Sigh…." 100_0520


"Where did you and Momma go this morning, Big Brother?"  "To the Vets…sigh." "I don't like it when you go without me. It's too lonely here  when you're gone. What did you do at the Vets? Was it fun"  "Definitely NOT fun, Little Buddy." "But what?"  "Let's just say it had something to do with why my butt has been bothering me and leave it at that, okay?" "Hmmmmm, a bum bumm then, no?"  "Uh, yeah." I'll just sit here with you while the medicine makes you better, okay?" "Sure, Bud….thanks."100_9282

Morning Lessons…

"You gotta' stay outta' that flower bed, Little one!" Why?" "Because Momma works hard to grow those flowers to make everything pretty for us." "Well, I'm helping her!" "How's that helping?" Well, she gets rid of the weeds and I get rid of that Chippie what lives down in a hole in her garden." "How's that working out for ya"?" "Not so good, Big Brother…he's one fast little dude!" "Sigh…"100_9396 100_9363


MORNING LESSONS: "Big Brother, why are you so glum?" "Because Mom got rid of our two favorite chairs in the spring clean-up…and here we are sitting on the floor like animals!" "Uh, I hate to tell you this but we are doggies, no?" "Well, sure... but we are special…at least Mom always said we were so I didn't think she'd expect us to sit on the floor!" "But I heard Momma say they were going shopping for new chairs and I bet they are for us…wait…here they are now and I see something in the back of the truck!" "See, I knew Momma wouldn't let us down." "Okay, you were right…I get first dibs on the blue one……" 100_9271 100_7851 100_9272


MORNING LESSONS: "Big Brother, what is schmutz?" "Oh, that's a word Mom uses to describe when she washes our drool off the windows, why?" "Well, I think she better get out the Windex because this here schmutz is blocking my view of the entertainment!" "What entertainment?" "The spring clean-up "pickers!" "Oh, I see." "Well, ya' could see a lot better…if this schmutz was off the window….."100_9156

Morning lessons…

Life has been so busy around our house lately. Lots of transporting the grandkids to dance, karate, etc. and lots of cleaning going on since we are stuck in the house during these cold spells. I'm doing more writing than painting these days but that's okay. I am creating! The fur kids finally got groomed for the upcoming spring weather (if it ever gets here) and so I will share their Morning Lesson for my post today. Hope you are all surviving the winter and looking forward to warmer days when we can get outside and enjoy nature! Can't wait to dig in the dirt in the garden! MORNING LESSONS: "Okay, okay, settle down, Little One". "I can't, I'm so happy now that we got groomed. I feel so good…let's wrestle a little" "Well, it does feel good to be clipped and bathed and get our nails cut." "Mom cleaned the house too while we were gone I see. Now everything looks and smells good, Big Brother. You smell good too. Let's sit here and look cute and enjoy this clean house and our clean selfs…" 100_9152 100_9156 100_9159

Morning Lessons:

MORNING LESSONS: "Well, little guy, ya' dodged a bullet this week." "Huh?, I was just gettin' that neutered thingie I thought…no bullets." "Just an expression…anyway, because of the deep snow, short legs and cold weather, Mom cancelled it for now." "Oh well, I guess I'll have something to look forward to then, no?" "uh….no"….100_7564

Morning Lessons: How do I love thee?….

MORNING LESSONS: "Big Brother, did you know that Momma says poetry?" "Well, I know she writes poetry and that she likes it and I heard her RECITING it to you…what was that all about?" "Well, she was making me look at these pictures and she was saying that one by Elizabeth Barrett Browning…you know…how do I love thee…let me count the ways…only she was SHOWING me the ways, get it?" "Oh yes, I get it." "That was just after she fixed the DAMMITT doll again" "Uh, the WHAT?" "The DAMMITT doll…I think that's what she calls it 'cuz every time she has to fix it, she says DAMMITT!!!!" "….oh boy…"100_8829100_8832100_8886100_7974

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