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I recently attended a workshop on creating children's picture books and while the experience this time around did not live up to my expectations of challenging work, nor did it measure up to past workshops I'd attended, I did hear some valuable information. Even though I already knew this, I was reminded of how important it is to practice your craft everyday. Be it drawing or writing, it is all important to just do it every single day. The instructor is a wonderful illustrator and writer who sketches everyday. His sketch books are awesome to behold and I wish I could produce a finished product that is half as good as his "rough" sketches! That being said, I have been trying to learn how to draw squirrels for a story I wrote. They are hard little critters to master but I am happy with the combination of reality and caricature that I have come up with for my squirrels. I think they are whimsical but you can still tell that they are a woodland creature.... squirrels ...and back to reality, I am at least trying to challenge myself while licking my wounds from a less than stellar experience. I am fortunate to have a writing partner who is also working on a children's book and she is a tougher task master so the beat goes on....

AEDM Day 24 …Stuffing….

I was going through some of my sketch books this morning and I came across this fat cat sketch I did a while ago. I couldn't help thinking that the image is appropriate for a pre-Thanksgiving warning of what we will feel like after the turkey and stuffing!!!! Hope your holiday preparations go well! 100_1940  

AEDM Day 21 Chris Mouse

Another little character, Chris Mouse as he is frightened by the chiming of the grandfather  clock.... 100_1920I am having a good time illustrating some of my stories lately...

AEDM Day 20…More Sketches…

I think I ran out of steam this week. I have been working on my book but here are a few sketches I did a while ago and just got around to adding color to them last night.... 100_1908 It's a little character I enjoy doing. Meet Miss Beasley and her boyfriend, Harry.

AEDM Day 16 … First collaged pages done

Well, I finished two collaged pages for my children's book. This page will have the words on it and the opposite one will have the characters. This may be the last of the book I post until it's completed as I don't want to divulge any more. I'm very pleased with how this came out. I have pages one, two and three completed. I have a long way to go but the work is fun even though it's detailed. Hope you like this little teaser until I can say I'm finished with the book!! 100_1899

AEDM Day 15 Book Elements

I'm working on my book and decided to add some collage elements to the illustrations for a three dimensional look. So this is just a little "teaser" of some of the things I may use. I cut the trees out of some textured packing paper. The flowers I had made previously but I may be able to incorporate them as well though I may have to make new smaller versions. This is fun but slow work...100_1895

AEDM Day 13 … A Pal for Fuzzy

My little dog, Fuzzy has a nice pal to accompany her in my children's book, His name is Scotty Mac. So here he is ... no black cats for Friday the 13th...just a sweet black doggie. (You know I love them!)Scotty Mac

AEDM Day 12 A work in progress…

I'm back to working on a children's book that I wrote over a year ago. The illustrations in the mock-up copy are very basic so the first order of business will be to fill out the drawings with more detail. The copy may also need just a tad of "tweaking" so I'll work on that simultaneously. My writing partner has made a suggestion that I'm considering so I'll also fiddle with that idea to see if it will work with this particular book. This is one of the little "characters" in the book. Her name is "Fuzzy"....Clara

Isn't she a cutie?

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