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Remember how much fun it was to bounce on your bed as a kid?  Well, bounce is the IF word of the week and here is a little gal doing just that...  


For Illustration Friday's prompt of"Lonely", I offer two scenarios....  


The Illustration Friday word is "carry" so I chose an iconic depiction of the word...the good old mail carrier.  Too bad the poor guy has to keep one eye on that devilish Pink Puppy! What is he up to now?


If I don't have time to paint, I at least have time to sit and sketch in the evening while watching TV so when the Illustration Friday word for the week arrives in my e-mail, I can play with the word and usually come up with a little illustration or two. I am actually painting quite a lot these days but I'm "hoarding" my pieces for my next show so it's nice to have the IF sketches to post! This little drawing is for the word "lost". My Pink Puppy character reappears here as a dog who isn't lost at all as he sneaks up on his master who is posting a sign that offers a reward for the return of Pink Puppy. He really is a silly pup!


The Illustration Friday word for this week has been "SUSPEND" so I have been sketching and came up with 3 different versions of the word... My little spider loves being suspended from his work of art web! Handy man Dan depends on his red suspenders to hold his trousers up. Alice loves being suspended from the tree limb on her favorite swing!


The Illustration Friday word for this week is "space" so I designed some spacey fashions for these "out-of-this-world" models!

Illustration Friday…”Hurry”

My Skeleton, who is fleeing from a lot of flotsam and jetsam, seems just right for the Illustration Friday word this week..."Hurry"

Illustration Friday…”Shades”

The Illustration Friday word for the week is "Shades" and this trio of cuties are sporting theirs as they head off to snail mail a letter!

Orange, yellow & browns…”Yield”

I really enjoy getting into a palette of colors and seeing the different ways I can translate them onto a canvass. This geometric acrylic painting uses the same colors as the abstract painting I posted a week or so ago. Isn't it great to see how different these colors look when used in a more structured way? The Illustration Friday word was "yield" for this week so this is my depiction of the more traditional yield sign....

Illustration Friday

The word for IF is "hibernate" and our furry friend, Harriet, is all cozy under her quilt and readyfor a long winter's nap! Your bird feeder is safe for a few months.

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