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A cabin in the woods….

Day 10 of AEDM This cabin fairy house sort of reflects the mood I was in when I built it. Kind of blah I guess. Not much embellishment but it's perfect for the fairy that likes a simple life, don't you think? At least there's a pumpkin in the window.....

A New Fall Home

I have some new Fairy Houses to share this week. I love this little mushroom cottage with fall leaves and colors and a pumpkin in the window. Instead of flowers climbing the trellis, fallen leaves have clung to it. The fairies can settle in for a cozy autumn and upcoming winter!

Just like Christmas!

I've said it before but it bears repeating that whenever the kiln is emptied after a glaze firing it's just like Christmas morning!! I am back to being a child and so excited to see what I "got"!! I walked into the community studio tonight to drop off a sweet little lamb that I made in my home studio and saw that my shelf was full of goodies fresh from the kiln!! There may be a few "issues" but for the most part I am so pleased with these little treasures....

A trio of tiny mushroom cottages... $15 each or 2 for $25

My beautiful owls.. the one on the left had some "issues" so he is minus his feet and one wing has been repaired but I love them just the same ...NFS

My Bluebird doesn't have any tail feathers but he is so stinking' cute that I don't think his new owner, Maryann will even notice!! And his friend the toucan is too cute!

This cottage has it all...flowers and an owl in the window!! $45.00

Love these fairy apartment houses in two sizes   $15 for the small and $20 for the big

A bevy of mini beauties...

$15 each or 2 for $25

Fowl Challenge…

The second bird in my fowl challenge happens to also be a fairy house (I can't help myself!) with another owl in a window. He looks very happy with himself that he has found such a nice place to live...

Mini Houses…

I'm having fun making mini-houses. These little guys are very rustic and stark by design. I wanted them to look almost like folk art so I rely on the simple lines and colors to achieve that look. The texture of the clay finish also gives them that folksy, sort of rough look I was seeking.  I did a few in brighter colors that look more tropical like a native village on some remote island so they have a totally different look but the idea is still simple lines and lack of detail to give these tiny treasures a special look all of their own. They are small enough to create an entire village on a shelf or window sill...even on your desk at work if office rules allow. I'm imagining how sweet they would be under a Christmas tree.....hmmmm....

$15 each or 2 for $25

Secret phrase….

For the upcoming "Arts on the Square" event in Scranton, Pa. if you come to purchase a fairy house for your garden, be sure to say "Elmhurst gardens are full of magical fairies" and you will receive $5.00 off a purchase of $35.00 or more! Hope to see you there! Saturday, July 29th Noon to 8PM.

Loving the new real estate!

More houses just came out of the kiln and I'm loving the shapes and colors........

Blue accented mushroom cottage


A sunny yellow door welcomes you into this tiny tower


Front or back of this larger sized farmhouse...both beautifully rustic!


A lush and leafy little hut


White Kitty Cottage


This toadstool cottage has eye candy on every side!


100 Houses!!

I started designing and making fairy houses in May of 2016. I recently realized that I have now designed and constructed over 100 houses...and no two are exactly alike!! I don't honestly know which one was number 100 so in "honor" of my 100th fairy house I am constructing a specially designed house. It is a "tree" house with a leaf roof and knot hole windows with special things in the windows as always. This has been a weekend of designing and building...of having some clay fun for sure! Can't wait to see how these new designs come out when they are finished.....

"Whooo" will get to have house # 100 in their garden?

Not finished yet but enjoying the building process!!

This little gem is different too!!

Back to the studio for me. Hope you are all doing something you love this weekend too!!

Butterfly Garden…

Our local public library has a wonderful vegetable garden as well as a beautiful butterfly garden. On a recent visit to the library I asked the head librarian if she would like to have a fairy house for the butterfly garden. Her answer was an emphatic "YES!" So I delivered the house last week on a day when the librarian was not there. Yesterday I received a delightful thank you note that really made me smile. I made the house a larger size so it would be visible among the flowers and I did add a pretty blue butterfly to the roof and a few red flower blossoms to the house and roof but forgot to take a photo of it before I delivered it. So these photos are of the house before it was so adorned....

Looks like a fairy library, doesn't it?

I'll have to get over there again one of these days to see how it looks in the garden!

New houses…

The latest houses out of the kiln include a few new designs and/or color combos. I have designed and made over 100 houses now and and there are no two that are just alike. Though the basic design may be the same, there is definitely SOMETHING different that makes the house truly unique. (I'm kinda' proud of that fact!) So....here are a few of the new cottages just waiting for your fairies to move in!! I am just showing the fronts of the houses here but if you are interested in any of them, contact me for the other views...

I love this tiny "efficiency" cottage. I could live here if I was a fairy!


This smaller version of a castle is sure to look just right on your shelf or in your garden!


A wonderful textured roof  tops off this bright yellow cottage with a kitty in the window


This "brick" sided cottage has a very whimsical tree growing in it's yard!!


This Moroccan inspired cottage has a nice cobalt blue roof and door


A tropical looking roof tops off this larger sized rustic house with blue accents


A sunny yellow cottage but with red "shingled" roof and trim this time!


Do you know a cat lover? Well, this 3 kitty cottage is for them!!


Another mini-castle with wonderful textured walls


Hope you enjoyed seeing the new designs. Choose one today while the selection is good!!

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