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All good things must come to an end and so today I post the last pieces fashioned with antique doilies. I really enjoyed doing something different creatively for a few weeks and I have a nice selection of them ready in my studio for folks looking for unique gifts. Maybe a nice Valentine's Day gift? At any rate, there is a very limited supply and they are priced just right...(from $25 to $45) so now is the time to choose your favorite!!

I really love this pretty red with the tea stained doily in the dark frame and double tan matt

A trifecta of wee pretties on blue

A large lacy blue and white on a painted canvass paper background

Snowy white on light blue and green combo

A larger sized lacy white doily on a muted golden background with two toned dark frame

A delicate tatted doily and two smaller crocheted ones framed in a deep, burlap backed, hinged shadow box frame with pretty blue flower and button accents

This is quite a nice selection of beautiful pieces!!!


Antique doily “art”

I have a few more antique doily creations completed and several more in the design process. I love that I already had everything I needed already to do these beautiful works of art. I guess that tells you how over-supplied most home art studios are!! I'm so happy that I am using frames and matts and papers that I purchased long ago. I probably got them because they were on sale or I had a coupon that was burning a hole in my pocket which accounts for why I had so many on hand!! At any rate...here are the new designs...

Blue and off-white on a red plaid backdrop. How cute would this look hanging in a kitchen?

This one is so dainty and quaint against this paper that almost looks like old fashioned wallpaper.

This one looks great vertically or horizontally !

I'm ready to get back to "work." It's a tough job but somebody has to do it!!

AEDM Day 9… Holiday Decor

No season or holiday goes un-noticed in our house. I am a decorating fool!! I have a large fireplace mantle so it is a perfect "stage' for my creative urges. I have boxes of Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations in my attic and shelves of seasonal decor and knick knacks in my basement so when the mood strikes for a change in decor, I just go "shopping" in one or more of these areas. I guess it's the artist in my but I find it very satisfying to give my house a little different look for each season or holiday. It keeps things from getting boring around here...like life could be boring with a crazy woman in the house!! 100_1879 100_1880 100_1872 100_1881 100_1883 100_1885 100_1886

AEDM Day 5 temporary collages

I love to do collage work. I love choosing all the elements and working them into a cohesive piece of art. I even like messing with the fixatives that hold the piece together! But I also love to do  what I call temporary collages. I have several display type boxes that look like frames. They have a soft batting-like material backing that holds each element in place once the glass front is pinned on. It's fun to change these with the seasons or just to come up with different little visual "stories"  by putting together things that speak to you at the moment. Here are three ideas I came up with to utilize these boxes:   100_0135 The first one just has a collection of ephemera that had a sweet nostalgic look. Old black and white photos, an antique merchant's account book, old ad cards a postcard dated 1919 and some antique valentines. 100_0124 The next one is an homage to womanhood with black and white photos of women, an antique crocheted doiley, a lace glove, old jewelry, a dried flower and an antique hair ornament. 100_0128   This last one holds a colorful collection of antique seed packets that I found in a dumpster! Who knew they could become such beautiful art? These collections can be changed so easily for any occasion. They're beautiful on a bookshelf, a dresser or a wall. A quick and inexpensive way to accessorize any decor or to celebrate any holiday or season!


Well, as "decorate" month comes to an end at Creative Every Day, my kitchen project is completed. As I have said before, this has been a long time in the planning and execution stages but it was well worth the effort and wait! My contractor, Thomas Sod from Diamond Tech in Wilkes Barre, Pa. really delivered a finished product that makes this the kitchen of my dreams! Our good family friend, Billy brought his talents to the table as well with the installation of our gorgeous glass subway tile backsplash. He also hooked up my beautiful new Delta single handle faucet for me and had to do some drywall repairs before he could tile. I love my new granite resin under-mount Blanco sink  that Diamond Tech installed and the new knobs that were installed by yours truly!  This has been quite a journey but it is finished and better than I could have imagined! 100_9353 100_9356 I am one happy gal…..

renovate and decorate!!

We have been ripped up in our kitchen for over a month now from demo to almost done. After 19 years (since we built our home) we finally started the research for the installation of granite counter tops and a glass subway tile backsplash.  I admit that the "research" phase of this project took a while as there are so many granite dealers, contractors, grades of granite and colors, edges, backsplashes, etc. It really is mind boggling so if you are planning to do this in your home, leave plenty of time for the groundwork before the actual installation can begin! Along the way we ran into a few contractors that promised things they ultimately could not then deliver (price and grade of granite). We were not under a time constraint so that didn't even figure into the hurdles we were confronted with. I finally fell in love with a certain type of granite called Sienna Bordeaux but when I saw it in my friend's kitchen, I realized that although I absolutely loved it in her kitchen with the warm wood cabinets, that it would not look quite as good with my white cabinets and light hardwood floors because it had too much yellow in it. Well, when we finally found our wonderful contractor, Tom Sod at Diamond Tech in Wilkes Barre, Pa., he had big samples in his show room that really show cased a good chunk of what each type looked like. Of course each slab is distinctly different in the movement but I fell in love with White Spring and he happened to have a slab for another customer on the premises. I knew the minute I saw it that was the one for my kitchen! It was an "aha" moment. Tom ordered a slab from the same lot number and when it came in, we went back to put our stamp of approval on that slab. At that time, we talked about the placement of the sink so that none of the beautiful movement would be wasted! We chose our sink in a deep charcoal color that picked up on those tones in the granite and went with that tone for the glass subway tiles as well. I chose subway tiles because they are plain but I chose glass because the shininess goes well with the shine of granite. The cabinet knobs we changed from passé gold to a brushed chrome that looks like stainless and that matches the wonderful new faucet too. I was more than happy with the service I received from my contractor. Not everyone can say that! Our good (and very talented) friend, Bill did our plumbing and is doing the tile installation and we are so pleased with all of our choices. It has all come together so beautifully…no second guessing here! All that remains is to grout the tile and install a new micro-wave oven and we will be at the end of this reno journey. Has it been a smooth road? No…not until we connected with the right contractor but after that, it all fell into place and any glitches we encountered were quickly and professionally dealt with. In less than a week this project will be complete and it will look like we have a brand new kitchen in the heart of our home.  Here is a before picture of one side of the kitchen with the old green formica countertops... 100_9294   And this is a photo of the other side of the kitchen with the new sink and faucet and the beautiful granite countertops (minus the shelf above the sink which was installed after this photo was taken and before I switched the knobs)...     100_9326 So stay tuned…the next post will be the finished product!

The summer look…

Well, the last component for my bedroom decorating project finally arrived and I actually found time this morning to put it all together! I am very happy with how it came out. It looks serene and cool for the warmer months. My husband even likes it. He is such a good guy. He always comments on how nice a room looks when I change things. I know I am very fortunate in that respect, right girls? The hardest part was ironing the new bedskirt and getting it on the bed because Shamus was intent on "helping". He was so interested in the whole project. The insides of all of the windows in the house are washed. (thanks to saint Donald) Fresh curtains or valences in place where needed so next is to wash the outsides of the windows and get the screens in for the warm weather to come. (yay) We have to power wash the front porch and clean the furniture out there too after the long yucky winter. Seems we are never done but it always feels wonderful to do a good days work and then sit back and enjoy the fruits of our labors... 100_9246 100_9252 100_9253post script…this is the first time I have ever had a $450.00 painting hanging over my bed. I got a good deal on that too ..I sort of know the artist! ha ha (I crack myself up!)

Getting in the mood….

100_9223Well, spring is teasing us here in the great Northeast and I am getting in the mood to re-decorate as I always do at the change of seasons! I am getting ready to say good bye to this winter look in my bedroom.  I have been shopping for months for a new look! It all started with a comforter set that beckoned to me one day as I was leaving T J Maxx (I love quality for discount prices) in the colors I had in mind ...and it mushroomed from there. I got a stellar deal on new balloon panels for the bay windows way back in the winter (on line with free shipping) and stashed them away. They won't be much different in look from these old ones but will have a fuller fresher look and a different pattern in the "lace" that coincidently mirrors the print in the comforter somewhat!  I also got some drapery panels with grommet tops in the sale bin ($6.95!) at Boscov's that I want to try out on the rod where the valance is now. The color matches the new comforter but they didn't have the correct length so they will either be "puddled" or I'll have to hem them if that doesn't look right (might be a bad idea with the Scotty boys anyway…we'll see). Either way, that will be a different look from past summers when I removed that rod altogether and just went with window dressings in the bay. Also at a deep discount in Marshall's, I found this awesome area rug that I want to try out in there. It has a geometric pattern in some of the colors of the comforter and I want it peeking out (maybe at an angle) from under the bed…as well as a smaller throw rug in co-ordinating pattern and tone. Had to order a bed skirt on line as you can never find them in the stores around here. It was a lower priced one that also had free shipping but it hasn't arrived yet. That's what is holding up this project! I still have to get accessories but I know I have art that will blend nicely with the new colors and if I don't…well, I  can always paint something new! (I already have an idea of what I'd like to paint) I absolutely LOVE decorating and especially enjoy the challenge of doing it on a budget and collecting the elements over a period of time so I can afford to do it right! Speaking of decorating, we are TRYING to upgrade our laminate kitchen counter tops to granite. The kitchen is a galley style so not very big and you would think because of that it should be an easy project. NOT! I am finding it to be very frustrating with different companies coming up with different square footage and very diverse prices for the same grade granite. I did find just the one I want but it is proving to be harder than I had thought to pin down a contract at a fair price….sigh… I hate to settle for something less than what I have fallen in love with so I'm trying to be patient and keep looking. I know there is a fair contractor out there somewhere that will be willing to help me achieve the look I want! Whoever he is…I will sing his praises from the mountain top and give him lots of free advertising and many referrals! Well, that's what's up in our household. Right now I must go in search of the summer clothes and pack away winter. (Not a job I look forward to). Hope you are all enjoying the warmer weather and more than that, I hope you have a project to work on, a painting to paint, a craft to do, a garden to nurture….something to keep you busy and happy and engaged in life!

AEDM DAY 9/ Completed Pillow Sets

Well, I really had fun with my foray into sewing this week. I had a second hand (though in good shape) New Home sewing machine for many decades but it was becoming hard to keep the tension adjusted properly and I was always breaking threads….very frustrating. However, I did make many nice things with that machine through the years. My kids pooled their resources at Christmas a few years ago and gave me a wonderful Brother sewing machine which is super easy to use and runs so smoothly. I just love it. It's the gift that keeps on giving for sure!  I'm trying to think of something else to sew for an AEDM project but in the meantime, here is the one I completed this week. I finished the "campy" pillows and made another set of pillows from material left over after hemming some drapes. Again, I recycled the stuffing from some  I had become tired of so these two sets of pillows were all "free" you might say! =)

Oh Happy Day!!

I can't begin to tell you how happy I am that our project is finally completed and we are no longer living in "warehouse" conditions!! It was a big undertaking for us but we are proud that we did it!! Isn't it always great to look back at your accomplishment and give yourself a well deserved pat on your tired back?! Well, we emptied out two entire rooms with the exception of the heavy and bulky computer desk which the flooring guys were kind enough to work around. We did have a little help from a good pal who came to help move the secretary desk out of the guest room but did the rest ourselves. We moved our dining room table and chairs into our little library by the patio doors to make room for the displaced furniture. The contents of three closets we hauled to the basement (my aching knees.) I tried to keep the kitchen, living room and Master Suite neat and orderly throughout the project so we would have a restful "haven" to get away from (sort of) the clutter! Then we started the painting...ceilings first (Pop did those but I helped with the cutting in) then the walls of the guest room, hallway and office. Then came the flooring installation which only took about a day and a half! These guys are awesome! Then the big clean up and moving furniture back in. Thanks again to our pal, Steve for his muscle! Then came the fun part...decorating. I had already shopped til I dropped on the days I couldn't do anything but wait until the floors were done so I was ready to roll. It was like the reward for all the hard work to put these two rooms back together. =)  We found this great blanket chest and couldn't resit adding it for extra storage... ...and then Grandpa HAD to put a flat screen TV in there for our little frequent guests. Needless to say, they were thrilled! (Is that Vanna White?)  Paul graciously took the bottom bunk since he has his own loft bed at home.  Maddie is happy with her new high perch! And Grammie is happy to have her office newly renovated and her PC back on line!!    (happy, contented sigh......)  

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