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Some summer fun….

Every now and then I feel the need to do something more "crafty" than "artsy" so I decided to make this flip flop wreath for the door of my daughter's pool house. I used a straw wreath for the base and just hot glued dollar store flip flops and flowers around the whole thing. I finished it off with a raffia bow and a wire for hanging.  I had fun making it and my daughter loves her wreath! 100_1348

AEDM DAY19….Happy Hour!

100_0274 Okay, for today's post I'm switching it out a little. I'm posting something I had started last week and finished last night. I had a black frame that was cracked on one corner. I don't even know if I have the glass from it in my pile of frames but I only needed a frame with a little depth and a backing for this project. I made a cork board out of…what else…corks! I've been saving wine corks for years and years. For what I didn't know... but I knew I'd use them some day for something! I've seen them used this way before so it's certainly not an original idea but I had a whole bunch of Bully Hill wine corks with the cute sayings on them "wine with laughter, wine with integrity , hope, love, honesty," etc! So I started to arrange them in rows of like sayings. I had more of the love ones and guilt-free ones so I made more rows with those sayings. At the top and bottom I "framed" them with corks from other companies such as Barefoot and Middle Sister, etc. Finally, I glued Barefoot corks on each corner of the frame…mostly because I wanted to cover the crack in the frame but it sort of finished it off nicely I thought. I had my trusty  glue gun fired up and at-the-ready to glue the rows in place but by happenstance 7 corks in each row fit so snugly that I didn't even have to use glue on the inside at all! I propped it up on the bar in my hubby's "man cave" and even he thought it was a pretty neat conversation piece! It ain't art but it is creative, no?  =) 100_0279   100_0301  

AEDM DAY 30/Finished Lanterns…

Well, I finally got back to my little Lantern Ornaments! In fact, I painted another sheet of Canvas paper green, red and white in a plaid pattern on one side… 100_8660And then I turned it over and did another quick plaid painting. This time I incorporated some gold and silver metallic paints into the design. This was meant to be the inside of the lanterns but after trying it both ways, I decided that I liked the metallic plaid on the outside best. 100_8661   So next I cut the sheet into 5" x 3  3/4" rectangles, folded them in half lengthwise, pressing down on the fold so it will be crisp later and cut the slits into them leaving a good amount of space at the outside edge to form the lantern... 100_8662   Then I unfolded the rectangles and spread a line of fixative along the bottom and side of the rectangle. I placed the tea candle in and rolled the bottom around it and then closed up the sides. You don't really need to glue the entire side together. Just make sure the top and bottom are secure.  After that came the fun part of decorating with embellishments and ribbon! By the way, I discovered a ribbon that has an adhesive back on it!  A crafters dream to use. But most of the ribbon I got had to be glued.  All I have left to do is finish decorating a few of them and glue a loop of ribbon on them for hanging! Really enjoyed this project and I really enjoyed our creative journey this month. Keep on creating and keep in touch! 100_8664 100_8667  

AEDM DAY 25/A Bevy of Snow People….

It was such a cold and windy day yesterday that I decided to just hole up in my studio and "play". I turned my little TV on to HGTV and made a bevy of the tea light snow people. This time, I hot glued some jewelry pins onto the backs of a few of them instead of making them all into ornaments. Today I'm going to the craft stores to get some festive trims for my little lanterns so I can finish them too. I also painted yesterday. I'm working on a collage with "peacock" colors!  

AEDM DAY 24/Christmas Craft

I didn't have time or maybe more truthfully, the desire to paint yesterday so instead I decided to design a new Christmas ornament to give to some special friends before the Holidays. So I painted a sheet of canvas with green and red acrylic paint using loose brush strokes on both sides. Then I cut the sheet into smaller squares, folded the squares lengthwise and cut slits along the folded edge. Then I wrapped the short edge around a battery operated tea light that was slathered with Matte Gel (any strong fixative will do) also applying the fixative along the edge of the paper to close the circle all the way up…end to end…forming a little lantern. When you push down the slits spread out to reveal the light inside. I applied another layer of thick gel around the inside of the top of the lantern and let it dry overnight to give it stability and so it would stay in a circle shape. Once dry, affix a loop of metallic thread or yarn for hanging. Add some embellishments and you have a sweet old-fashioned looking lantern ornament for your tree! I think I will to get some small Christmassy ribbon trim to glue around the top and bottom to make them look more festive. I am also going to hit them with a spray adhesive and put some iridescent snow glitter on them.

AEDM DAY 10/ Getting Crafty!

My friend, Cathy is making snowmen to sell at craft shows to raise money for her church's repairs fund. When she showed them to me of course I had to try to make a few for my grandkids too. (yes, I did support her cause by purchasing some things from her booth at the craft show…just not the snowmen! lol) I already had everything I needed to make these little cuties. She attached jewelry fastener pins to the backs of hers but I made ornaments out of mine by hot gluing a loop of silver cord to them for hanging. They started out as battery operated tea lights but when embellished with a little ribbon, felt and puffy paint, they turn into these sweet snowmen/snowwomen with glowing noses! How cute is that? You really can be as creative as you want with these. I got some tiny holly pieces and some snow flakes in the scrapbooking aisle and I'm going to put them on the hats too! Ho Ho Ho!


Yesterday I got my sewing machine out because I've been thinking about making some throw pillows for a craft show. I have so many pieces of beautiful material left over from other projects through the years and they would just be perfect for throw pillows. So this is a photo of one almost completed and another waiting to be stuffed. Yes, I do these kinds of projects in my studio because that's where I have the supplies all stashed and I can leave an unfinished painting or project there and close the door until I can go back and finish it. This was some heavy material with some texture and a cute "campy" themed print so these would be great in a boys room, a camper or a lodge themed family room, wouldn't they? I'm going to try to finish them today and start on another pair.

Day 15, A Frosty Morning…

Today I give you a wintry star that I tole-painted with a pretty snow flake, that someone gave me, in the background  (these hang from a shelf in my studio) along with a little poem that I wrote while sipping my morning coffee...



It's a wonderful, frosty morning

and the air just clears your head

making it all worthwhile

to have tumbled out of bed!


The grass is crunchy when you walk.

It has a sugary glaze

that sometimes disappears by noon

or sometimes lasts for days.


Jack Frost has been out playing

across the lawn and through the wood.

He weaves his lacy ice webs

then stands back and says "that's good"!


There's a lovely stained glass pattern

on the surface of the pond.

He laughs and makes this magic

with a flick of his ice wand!


You may think of winter

as bare and cold and stark

but be sure to see the beauty too

when Jack Frost leaves his mark...



Maron Craig Bielovitz


Re-purposing an old book into a new Art Journal

I had finally filled my first art journal a few months ago and now I am ready to start another one so I took this book that I found at a flea market and I re-purposed it into a new journal. Here's how I did it... I chose a pice of Toile patterned wrapping paper that I've had laying around for a long time and cut it to fit just as you would for any book cover. I spread collage medium all over the covers of the book to adhere the paper. You can use Mod Podge or white glue. I took my rubber roller and gently rolled out any lumps caused by the fixative until I felt the paper was securely in place with no bumps. I folded the edges over and glued them into place securely. Next, I cut some ribbon into the right sizes to finish the edges off nicely on the inside covers. I then spread a thick coat of fixative on the ribbon pieces to make sure they would adhere to the surfaces. And  glued the ribbons in place. The ribbons make a nice "frame" on the inside covers. A great place to start and finish creating! And voila! A new Art Journal is born. The pages are thinner than I would like but there are a lot of them so I will probably end up gluing two of them together for each journal page to make them sturdier. The pages are wire-ring bound which I feel is a must for a journal as it becomes very thick with all the embellishments I use throughout the book.  Now I will decorate the cover a bit and start filling this new journal with lots of eye candy!

feeling “crafty”!

  I've been having fun doing some fall themed crafts lately. These wreaths are just right for Autumn with sunflowers and fruit, bows or raffia and they don't take long to make with your trusty glue gun and some floral wire. I like making trays and they too are easy with ready to paint trays from the craft store,craft paints, some rub-on decorations and a little imagination. With the fruit theme, they are very apropro for  "harvest" time.   The smaller stacking trays are great for snacks or just for making a corner of your house look pretty! Sometimes I sand the edges for a rustic look.  I'll take them to the Artisan & Farmer's Market this weekend and I'll be surprised if they don't appeal to someone!

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