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I haven't been posting too much poetry lately because I'm working on a book of poetry but I love this little nostalgic poem so much because it has roots in my childhood when all the kids around our small town would buy penny candy at my great Aunt and Uncles' Mom & Pop store...

I really enjoyed creating the beautiful framed pieces with my antique doilies but all things must come to an end so today I post the last of the series....

I keep turning my antique doilies into beautiful decorator pieces. I love the little red, white and blue one. It would look so cute in a

Happy to report that I had time to work on the antique doily project and I'm so pleased with what I've produced so far!!

This afternoon I just felt the NEED to create something!! I remembered this bag of antique crocheted and tatted doilies that I have so I set to work creating some beautiful "art" with matts, frames and decorative papers that I also had on hand to feature these beautiful doilies.

Last time I posted a photo of three cuties that I had just finished sculpting so today I'm posting a photo of what they look like after being glaze fired. They each have a "partner" waiting to join them on the shelf and one of them has a whole family waiting for him!!

Did you ever create something that made you so happy you laughed out loud? Well, that's what I did when photographing these little guys!

Well at long last I have finished my second wood pallet art piece! I made all these mini ceramic busts of different men and I had an idea for a brick sided apartment building. Then I thought of the old time YMCA buildings where they housed only men so that became the name for this piece. Here we have a glimpse into

I guess you can tell by my latest creations that I am in Christmas mode here. I love my little melty snowmen and

A few new sweet faces ready to be bisque fired. I'm enjoying creating these

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