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My form of exercise is walking. It also happens to be my meditation time. It's a time of reflection when I get my priorities for the day in order...get my head on straight as it were! I can usually manage on average 3 miles a day/3 to 5 days a week though some days I walk further and some days it's a little less. I listen to my body. If I feel I need a challenge and I'm up for it, I push a little harder. If I'm feeling like it's too much effort to put one foot in front of the other...I give myself a break. It is the kindest, most loving thing I do just for me....walking! Many times when I'm walking, I think of new designs for my houses or new ideas for projects, I say prayers of thanks for the beauty around me and for the gift that I am able to continue to walk....for my health in general. I think about people I love and pray for people who are in need of healing. I walk along and I don't carry ear phones for music or books on tape...I listen to nature or to my inner voice. Sometimes, like this morning, a poem forms in my mind and I capture it as soon as I get home....


I walk along a country lane in the early morning air

enjoying the quiet solitude I find as I wander there.

The pastel columbine and flocks catch a gentle breeze

and sway a dance of welcome...sheltered by the trees.

Feathery ferns that were fiddleheads just the other day

are playing host to baby fawns who linger there to play.

It's a lush green world with dew-kissed grass

where rabbits scatter as I pass

where the cooing of the mourning dove

lends a soulful sound of peace

....and love.

by Maron Craig Bielovitz


Psalm of the Bee Balm

I love watching spring unfold each day, little by little, right outside my window. Join me this morning...bring your cup of coffee...listen to the Psalm of the Bee Balm. As you hear what it has to say, realize that the plea for your undivided attention has made you see the beauty surrounding the narcissistic Bee Balm....and be grateful for the opening of your eyes....

Psalm of the Bee Balm

Spring outside my window and the Bee Balm is boldly pushing upward, outward.

Look at me it seems to say...look how I've multiplied. I'm so lush and green!

I am leaning toward the sun so that I can bloom and make you smile.

My fragrant flowers will be pink and I will entertain bees and butterflies.

Don't look at the Hostas standing along the path in a neat row.

Their crisp striped leaves...some have been nibbled by the bunnies.

Don't pay attention to the Creeping Myrtle flowing down the bank.

The bright blue flowers peek through glossy leaves like a carpet pattern.

Don't gaze at that over-loaded Bleeding Heart.

Those puffy blooms look like vessels to hold ones life blood...ready to drip...

Turn away from the hearty stocks of the Siberian Iris...nothing to see there.

Those purple heads will be bobbing in the breeze soon enough.

No....look at me...watch me closely...I will bring you a Humming Bird...

by Maron Craig Bielovitz


Sneak peek….

I've been working hard on my children's picture book and I'm determined to get it finished at long last. It is all done with the collage method of art so it's very labor intensive but gives each page a wonderful 3-dimensional look. This is just one of the dozen pages I've completed thus far...100_2426 You may notice that a Scottie dog has made his way into my book.....

A white tailed tale….

100_0493 Morning was happening but a thick impenetrable wall of fog wasn't going to let any sun shine upon it. The trees stood out in shadowed relief and a gloom pervaded the dawning. Even the backyard squirrels had stayed in their cozy nests leaving a lone chickadee to enjoy an undisturbed breakfast at the feeder. A motion out of the corner of my eye brought me to attention and I looked up to see the lame deer grazing on the creeping myrtle outside the patio doors. She was so beautiful and no matter how many times I had seen her, I was always in awe of her obvious will to survive despite her handicap. Her right hind leg had been mangled somehow.  Was she hit by a car, caught in a trap or had she just snapped her leg by stepping into a hole? I'd never know but I'd watched her solitary quest to live for over a year now and she was as familiar to me as the mourning doves under the feeder. I'd taken to supplementing her diet of greens with some deer food purchased at the local Agway store. A few cups scooped into an old frying pan and placed upon a flat wooden wheel barrow on the back bank became an oasis for her during the unusually long and bitter winter months. She came twice a day and I tried to make sure there was something out there to sustain her. She was so alone and hurt that it made my heart ache to see her. I tried to approach her once as she lay in the winter sun by my shed. I slowly extended a carrot towards her but she was not falling for any interaction with the likes of me!! Over the long months of winter though she became familiar with me and my noisy dogs peering through the windows at her. Still leary of sudden movements but willing to accept my charity, she became a bit more accepting of my presence on the other side of the patio doors. An occasional apple cut into quarters became an evening treat that she munched with obvious pleasure. She would camp out beneath my neighbor's tall evergreen trees where the thick bed of pine needles made an acceptable mattress. She had a path worn down through the icy snow between her bed and her meals. Some days I would see blood stains in the snow when I went out to refill the frying pan with feed. Her disability made maneuvering through the snow very difficult and she had a  bad limp since she was using only three legs but she managed to keep going day after day,  week after week and ultimately month after month until winter was over....finally over. Spring brought new growth to the underbrush and with it new nourishment for her hunger. She would disappear for weeks at a time into the woods across the street from my house where the stream ran freely now offering a refreshing drink along with the new vegetation. But she would make an appearance every so often to forage a bit under the bird feeder and pause for a salad of greens from the bank. The deer feed was no longer needed as she could now fend for herself from nature's bounty... as it should be. I didn't want her to be dependent...I only wanted to help her survive the cruel winter and help her to heal and adjust to her disability. And adjust she did! I thought if she could communicate with me that she would just be one of those stoic patients who never complain of their pain. She would be the best one in the re-hab place! I rejoiced that she had overcome it all. I was so proud of her. I enjoyed her occasional visits through the spring, summer and fall months and began to fret over the upcoming hunting season. Thanksgiving came and on it's heels was the first day of rifle season. Oh how I worried. I could hear shots ring out and I would cringe but then she would come by as if to let me know that she was okay. One day just before Christmas, almost exactly a year from when she first limped into my backyard, she arrived looking for her frypan full of feed. Finding it in its usual place, she proceeded to have dinner as if this was the most natural thing in the world now that winter had set in once again. A few days later she returned with a handsome button buck who she shared her dinner with!! She seemed especially proud to "introduce" him to her tenuous "family" on the other side of the glass!! He was very skittish of the movements within the house and especially of the ruckus made by the dogs, but he eventually became a bit more trusting that we were not going to burst forth and attack him. I had named her Holly since she came to me at Christmas time last year and so I dubbed him "Nick" for the same reason. Our local hunters have been kind...passing the word not to shoot the lame deer... who has become somewhat of a legend in the neighborhood, thanks to social media and word of mouth!! Our beautiful couple have survived the months of hunting season somehow by the grace of God.  I can now relax a bit and just enjoy the visits I that am lucky enough to witness. Hopefully they will avoid traffic and stay to the woods and our little neighborhood so that we can enjoy them for many months to come. I think it's nothing short of a miracle that Holly has survived for over a year and that she has flourished in spite of her handicap. I am so happy that she can now put some weight on her leg and mostly I am grateful that she has companionship after being alone and hurting for so long!! I love that "Nick" looks past her lameness to her beauty as I do. Am I romanticizing this pair?…yes!! But I know what I know and I see what I see and it has been beautiful to my eyes and"dear" to my heart..... 100_2079

That feeling…

That feeling you experience when the last box of Christmas decorations goes into the attic.... 100_2233

The first day….

Unknown The first day of a new year...it's so exciting to think about starting anew, painting on that fresh white canvas that is 2016! I wish you all a very Happy, healthy and prosperous New Year. I appreciate your friendships more than I can ever say. This is my New Years poem for 2016.... It may be edited tomorrow but this is the impromptu version that I give to you from my heart tonight..

A Brave New Year

The old year is past and done. The earth has traveled ‘round the sun. A fragile dawn brings a new rotation and cause for joy and jubilation. A blank white canvas, a shiny new slate, a chance to know it’s not too late to re-invent, to start anew, to show the world a different you!

It’s an infant year, a time to cheer, to living in the now and here. To bright ideas and resolutions and finding clever new solutions. Of making lists and choosing plans and holding fast and taking stands! The you reflected in the glass will be strong and up for any task.

That’s what the brand new year should hold. A chance to grow..to be more bold, a chance to show what you can do, a chance to be a better you! So embrace the gift that is today to make a start, dig in and stay, to give your all and have no fear and face up to a brave new year!

Maron Craig Bielovitz


Time to make a list…..

More Christmas decorations....100_1462


The house is all decorated for the holidays and the Christmas cards are going into the mailbox today so I guess I better get started on my gift list!! It gets more difficult every year to get my family something that will please and surprise them but I really do give a good try! The Grandkids are teens (well, Paul will be in a month) so I can only hope to get them something that they will love. They sure do love Christmas day at our house....and so does Grammie (and Pop.. though he  may grumble a bit.)  So today while Pop goes out hunting, I will get my list made out, run to the post office and hit the mall. Wish me luck!!


My Grandchildren got me this awesome Scotty Dog Advent calendar for my birthday.  There is a dog bone hanging on a string and each day you place it in the correct numbered pocket. It's such a cute decoration and reminder... 100_2043 100_2044

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas….

It is definitely beginning to look a lot like Christmas around our house. The house is decorated outside, inside upstairs and basement. Just doing some cleaning today then it's on to the shopping and after that the baking and entertaining. I love this time of year but it sure does wear a person out. I have to remind myself to get enough sleep and try not to stress out. Mostly...remember the reason for the season!! 100_2023 100_2026 100_2030 More Christmas "eye candy" to come as we go through the season....stay tuned!

AEDM Day 29 My Birthday!

Well, every year on my birthday, I look back over the year in photos and post some of the highlights. This is a BIG birthday for me. Today I am 70....YIPES! How did that happen? Where have the years gone? These are the things you might ask yourself when you wake up and discover you have lived for 7 decades!! But I don't really dwell on those questions so much. I ask myself instead what will the next decade be like? (okay from here on out, you take one decade at a time..ha ha) My hope is that I will continue to be a good Wife, Mom, Grammie, Sibling and Friend. I capitalize those words because those "titles" are what make me who I am. I take it seriously. I hope I will continue to learn and grow in ways I could never imagine...and I have a very good imagination so I'm expecting a lot of excitement around the bend. I have a LOT of living to cram into the years ahead of me. I look forward to watching my children achieve their adult goals and live happy, productive lives, to watching my wonderful grandkids grow into their destinies. I anticipate reading  hundreds of delicious books and finishing one of the books I am writing. I am ready for a whole lot of laughter with my crazy circle of friends....many more spirited games of Mah Jongg, many more "therapy" sessions in the pottery studio, a few more canvases covered with color, tons of sunrises and sunsets, lots more snuggles with my dogs, private jokes between me and my sainted husband of 50 years, some travels and I pray... some new friends made along the way. Do I have a "bucket list"? Kind of, sort of but again...nothing really serious because if something is extremely important to me, I find a way to make it happen. Would I like to fly first class just once in my life? Would I love to go to Scotland and Greece? Sure...but can I continue to live my wonderful, happy life without those things happening? You bet!! I am a happy, upbeat person and I may be 70 on the outside but on the inside....not so much!! 100_0493 Holly came into our yard with a wounded leg and we fed her through a tough winter. This morning she came by to say happy birthday. What a gift! 100_1264

Lots of art and pottery to mark the year


Good times spent with my favorite duo

100_0632 100_0637


Festive holiday time with loved ones


100_1781 100_1103


Special family events

100_1008 100_1024Summer fun! engagement  photo


Our 50th Anniversary!!

100_1597And that's a wrap of my 70th year!!!

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