It’s like Christmas morning!!!

When a bunch of new creations come out of the kiln after the final (glaze) firing, it's like Christmas morning to all of us who have put in so many hours on our pieces. Now we get to see the fruits of our labor. I was thrilled today with my new houses and I can't wait to share them with you all....

This Floral Cottage is a night light that any child would love in their room. The dark color makes it ideal for a girl or boy


A very feminine night light a Pink & Green Delight


An English Cottage with a little pottery in the window!


Everyone loves a Mushroom Cottage and this one has some pretty flowers


This Tree House is pretty from every angle!!


126 Fairy Lane is so quaint!!


Happily the shelves in my studio are once again filled with beautiful fairy houses and I have almost a dozen more in the making!! So stop by soon and add to your village while the selection is prime. Remember....the more fairies in your garden....the more magic in your life!!

Blue and Green Bungalow

This pretty Blue & Green Bungalow is as fresh as springtime with it's creamy white siding and colorful trim!!


Psalm of the Bee Balm

I love watching spring unfold each day, little by little, right outside my window. Join me this morning...bring your cup of coffee...listen to the Psalm of the Bee Balm. As you hear what it has to say, realize that the plea for your undivided attention has made you see the beauty surrounding the narcissistic Bee Balm....and be grateful for the opening of your eyes....

Psalm of the Bee Balm

Spring outside my window and the Bee Balm is boldly pushing upward, outward.

Look at me it seems to say...look how I've multiplied. I'm so lush and green!

I am leaning toward the sun so that I can bloom and make you smile.

My fragrant flowers will be pink and I will entertain bees and butterflies.

Don't look at the Hostas standing along the path in a neat row.

Their crisp striped leaves...some have been nibbled by the bunnies.

Don't pay attention to the Creeping Myrtle flowing down the bank.

The bright blue flowers peek through glossy leaves like a carpet pattern.

Don't gaze at that over-loaded Bleeding Heart.

Those puffy blooms look like vessels to hold ones life blood...ready to drip...

Turn away from the hearty stocks of the Siberian Iris...nothing to see there.

Those purple heads will be bobbing in the breeze soon enough.

No....look at me...watch me closely...I will bring you a Humming Bird...

by Maron Craig Bielovitz


Do fairies play games?

Do fairies play games? Why of course they do. They just love to play!!! They especially love to play games that they have seen human children play and put their own fairy twist to the games. That's just how they are....very whimsical. I discovered that they really enjoy a good game of hop scotch where they challenge each other NOT to use their wings....'cuz that would be cheating!!


Perhaps YOUR fairies would like a hop scotch game?

almost ready for the kiln

Yesterday I spent the entire afternoon in my studio designing and building two new houses. I love the new scalloped roof design I came up with and this toadstool, while like the last one in many ways, has a flower "growing" along the foundation and a lamp in the rear window which makes it a candidate to be an angel house....we'll see! Anyway, both houses just need to dry a bit more to get their final "touch up" before they head off to the kiln for the glaze firing so if you think you'd like the toadstool cottage for an angel fairy house in memory of a loved one, there is still a little time to claim it and get a name in it before it's fired....

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