A batch of critters

It was a beautiful Autumn day today and I took full advantage of the weather to do a 3.50 mile walk in the morning and a bit of cleaning up in the garden later on. I did, however, find time to spend in my studio in the late afternoon/early evening. It's like a time warp when I'm working in the studio. I forget about everything else and I never realize how much time has passed! Sometimes I tune in to my favorite HGTV or Food Network shows on my little TV and other times I play my favorite music on my CD player and I get into the "zone" to create. Today what emerged from the lumps of clay were sweet little critters which is what I've been doing lately as a diversion from my houses. I love them as they are whimsical and frankly....they make me smile!!

So here they are...Hippo, Fox and Goose....cute, eh?

Can't wait to see them glazed!!

All in the Family….

I've been having fun creating little animals lately. They are quirky and cute and always bring a smile to folks who see them. How cute is this Momma duck as she takes her little ducklings to the pond for their morning swim?

Father Mouse is watching over the little ones while Mother does her chores!

This fancy chick is a "shelf-sitter" with her feet dangling over the edge of the shelf she looks quite happy.

Coming soon.... sweetheart penguins!!

Something different…

My neighbor down the street has an air conditioning business out of a small commercial building. Sometimes he puts wooden pallets out by his dumpster for trash pick up and recently he put out a small pallet that kept calling my name whenever I walked my dogs. Soooooo.... I asked if I might have it and he said yes I could have whatever I wanted there so I ended up with 3 of these smaller wood pallets. An idea was brewing in my creative mind because this was like a "frame" to me as an artist and so I couldn't wait to get started!! I made a sketch of my design and fashioned the clay components that I wanted for the project and after they were bisque fired I brought them home to paint with bright acrylic paints instead of glazing them. The installation was a bit tedious but in the end my design prevailed and I'm pleased with the outcome. It is an art installation/shadow box/mobile "Whatchamacallit" and I even added some fairy lights and battery operated votives for a different effect. What do you think? I call it "Under the Sea" ....

This is the humble beginnings....

This is the unlighted version...

This is what it looks like with the addition of 2 strings of fairy lights and two battery operated votives which I think give it an under-water effect! What do you think?

Just like Christmas!

I've said it before but it bears repeating that whenever the kiln is emptied after a glaze firing it's just like Christmas morning!! I am back to being a child and so excited to see what I "got"!! I walked into the community studio tonight to drop off a sweet little lamb that I made in my home studio and saw that my shelf was full of goodies fresh from the kiln!! There may be a few "issues" but for the most part I am so pleased with these little treasures....

A trio of tiny mushroom cottages... $15 each or 2 for $25

My beautiful owls.. the one on the left had some "issues" so he is minus his feet and one wing has been repaired but I love them just the same ...NFS

My Bluebird doesn't have any tail feathers but he is so stinking' cute that I don't think his new owner, Maryann will even notice!! And his friend the toucan is too cute!

This cottage has it all...flowers and an owl in the window!! $45.00

Love these fairy apartment houses in two sizes   $15 for the small and $20 for the big

A bevy of mini beauties...

$15 each or 2 for $25

Goofy Birds…..

Well, I worked at the community clay studio last night and something different sprung from the lump of clay instead of owls!! These silly little birds had everyone smiling....

This guy is sort of... but not quite... a toucan

One of my pottery pals has claimed this cutie for her own!

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