Well, at long last I have finished my second wood pallet art piece! I made all these mini ceramic busts of different men and I had an idea for a brick sided apartment building. Then I thought of the old time YMCA buildings where they housed only men so that became the name for this piece. Here we have a glimpse into the rooms of the surfer dude with his muscular physique and his posters on the wall, the professor in his smoking jacket and bow tie lounging in his extensive library, the artist with his red beret in a loft-like room with a brick wall full of his paintings, the bare chested nature lover looking out his bathroom window with the shower in the background and lastly, the pastor in his clerical garb saying his prayers in front of stained glass windows..It was fun to design this piece and work on the separate parts but as with any multi faceted art installation it was a real challenge to put it all together! But like my first pallet piece, it is fun to look at all the details and it really makes me smile....

let's peek into Pierre's loft....

Here are the two pallets side by side

I have one more of these small pallets and already have a design in mind for it so stay tuned!!

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  1. November 29, 2017 at 4:26 pm | Permalink

    I’m trying to play catch-up here as to what I’ve missed. I’m loving these pallets you have created, and this latest one go so well against the brick wall background. I’m truly impressed with your drawing abilities and simply LOVE the pastor in front of the stained glass window. You are so clever, and I bet you would have a hard time getting rid of this one.

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