Little house I love…..

I just built this little house with so many sweet features. I am in love with it!! Sometimes I just get so excited over a piece that I would be hard pressed to give it up....this is one of those times!! I thought it would be fun to show a piece in the various stages of completion so these photos show the piece when it's leather hard and ready to go into the kiln for the bisque firing..... The front of the house features a door with 3 flowers over it and a window with an awning which I think will be striped colors. The right side has a new type of tree I dreamed up while out walking the other day. I couldn't wait to get back home and into my studio to design this silly little tree! There is also one of my signature flower pots in the window here. The back of the house is admittedly the plain side but I added a few flowers above the door to jazz it up a bit. Last but by no means least is the left side with its littleĀ lattice trellis and flowers. So something cute happening all over the place! Even the roof has an etched surface to add texture. I can't wait to glaze the heck out of this with the new colors I just got around Christmas time!! At any rate, I'll post photos again once it is bisque fired and then again after the final glaze firing.

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