Catching up!!!

101_3381 101_3382 101_3383I have been very bad at posting lately because I've been too caught up in creating things from clay. It's been my special passion for a while now to the exclusion of most other forms of creativity. I think about writing and painting but somehow have not gotten beyond the thinking stage when suddenly another idea leaps out of a lump of clay and I'm off chasing it!! So that's my excuse and I'm sticking with it! However, to make up for being so lax in posting, I am going to attempt a little "catch-up" post today to prove I haven't been idle... The photos above are of a Fairy condo. It's the largest house so far. My Haitian friend, artist Lissa Jeaneau built the cylinder and handed it to me suggesting I create something out of it. The roof is just awesome if I do say so myself! It's so pretty and the back windows display an array of things one might find on one's windowsill in fairyland. I really had fun with this one. Below are a couple of "one bedroom" cottages that I made for the fairies looking for something cozy.... 101_3656




The next two are regular sized houses that have been bisque fired and glazed but are awaiting the glaze firing. I tried a few new colors on these so I'm anxious to see how the colors develop in the kiln!! 101_3680 101_3684 I have many more projects in varying stages of completion that I will share with you next time. I promise to be more faithful in posting them soon!

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  1. Deborah Singleton's Gravatar Deborah Singleton
    February 18, 2017 at 8:32 pm | Permalink

    OM Gosh, Maron, these are so good. That bottom one looks like the start of a wedding chapel or wedding cake….not sure which. Love them! Do you go to a studio or do it all from home? So glad you get to thrive in retirement.

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