It takes a village….

I have had so much fun at the pottery studio these past months building fairy houses for gardens. I've sold some of them but my main reason for making them was to create a fairy village in one of my own gardens. I chose my shade garden for the location because it is a little "hilly" with lots of wonderful Hosta plants and some neat looking tree trunks which form a wonderful back-drop for the village.  I had a great time placing the houses here and there with the help of my granddaughter, Maddie. 101_3035 Some of them have little "cobblestone" paths leading up to the front door. Some have gazing balls in the yard or a cat in the window or out in front of the house. One of the houses has a rustic tree trunk mailbox...and it looks like they got mail! 101_3106 The village residents...a variety of hand made and purchased gnomes and pixies....stand outside some of the homes enjoying the neighborhood. A frog prince occupies a lovely toadstool home and a couple of gnome brothers have moved into the only "duplex" in the village. The mayor's house, on the highest point of the "hill", even has a dog house complete with friendly looking canine in residence. 101_3105 Some fences have cropped up here and there so I suspect there is some gardening going on. The (store bought) metal gazebo and swing form the neighborhood park in the center of the village where a little pond hosts a pretty yellow duck floating amongst some shiny pebble "water" A few miniature buildings have begun to show up....could these be little shops where the villagers can get supplies? 101_3109 101_3110 A pretty white one looks as though it might be a little chapel! 101_3108 As the village grows, a story begins to form in my imagination. Perhaps I shall share it one of these days.....  Meanwhile, the Village continues to grow with every new house that comes out of the kiln.... 101_3100


You can purchase a fairy house or two for your own garden.....just click on the "contact" icon on my home page to inquire....

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