A Sensory Summer Morning…..

Often in the morning, as I sit and sip my coffee, I find inspiration for a poem as I look out the patio doors. This was one of those mornings.....

A Sensory Summer Morning

The toast is crisp and warm with a layer of salty butter. My favorite mug is filled with coffee…sweet, black and freshly brewed. Two dogs at my feet are soft with that comforting musky canine smell. Outside the screen door the patio is alive with the color of flowers, the sound of bird music, squirrels chirping and the caw of the crows.

The woods appear to be conspiring… closing in around the yard, embracing my home with leafy arms to protect against storms. The morning sun reaches with tendrils of shimmering gold, to where a lone rabbit lingers in a patch of clover, to paint the thick soft grass with streaks of promise.

A spiderweb, softly painted with the morning dew, hangs like delicate lace from the rosebush. A tiny tender yellow squash emerges from a papery blossom where it lays nestled on a bed of moist and fertile black soil. It's a summer morning for the senses. by Maron Craig Bielovitz 6/18/2016

hanging plants and bee balm

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