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I recently attended a workshop on creating children's picture books and while the experience this time around did not live up to my expectations of challenging work, nor did it measure up to past workshops I'd attended, I did hear some valuable information. Even though I already knew this, I was reminded of how important it is to practice your craft everyday. Be it drawing or writing, it is all important to just do it every single day. The instructor is a wonderful illustrator and writer who sketches everyday. His sketch books are awesome to behold and I wish I could produce a finished product that is half as good as his "rough" sketches! That being said, I have been trying to learn how to draw squirrels for a story I wrote. They are hard little critters to master but I am happy with the combination of reality and caricature that I have come up with for my squirrels. I think they are whimsical but you can still tell that they are a woodland creature.... squirrels ...and back to reality, I am at least trying to challenge myself while licking my wounds from a less than stellar experience. I am fortunate to have a writing partner who is also working on a children's book and she is a tougher task master so the beat goes on....

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    They look great! The ones in my yard have a smaller “chest/shoulder” which makes them look perhaps a little dumpier than they really are. However, they do seem to be eating ALL of the time!! Love your squirrels–how do you get one to sit still long enough to model? 🙂

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