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As a creative person, we never seem to get our fill of learning new things. The creative mind continually craves new ways to express itself. Such is the catalyst that led me to the Haitian Goddess Ceramic Sculpture Workshop I am presently attending. Held in the wonderful new studio of Moscow Clayworks in Moscow, Pa., the sessions are being held under the direction of the fabulous Lissa Jeannot. Lissa, an accomplished Haitian ceramic artist, is the artist in residence for the summer months at the studio. This is the 3rd or 4th summer that she has been here sharing her talents and conducting workshops. Although I have met her in the past, this is the first time I have had the opportunity to take a workshop with Lissa. I did some work in clay ages ago and I love the medium. So it is with much pleasure that I am soaking up all the knowledge I can get while attending this workshop. With only 8 people in the class, we are each getting such quality hands on-advice and direction from Lissa. Her hands are truly instruments of extreme talent. We are each creating a "Goddess" of our own imaginations…mostly contemporary visions..forming before our eyes. It's so wonderful to start with a simple lump of clay and see your vision rising like the Phoenix from that lump!! My Goddess is inspired by my Mom who was always such an avid reader, a poet and a wonderful story teller. So my figure is Grace the Storyteller Goddess. I started by creating a cushy arm chair for her to sit in and a foot stool to rest her slippered feet upon. What fun! I can't wait to see the actual figure come to life! Meanwhile, Frank Goryl, the owner of Moscow Clayworks Gallery and studio, is the perfect host as he plies us with plenty of coffee, tea, fruit and muffins (and yes, chocolate) and feeds us delicious lunches prepared by his wife, Susan and served beneath a tent right outside the studio. Lively conversation, good laughs and just great fellowship goes hand in hand with the "work" we are doing. At times the studio is quiet save for the soft background music while everyone slips into right brain mode and other times we circle the room admiring other's progress with oooo's and ahhhh's of admiration. The evening before the work began,we gathered for a delicious Haitian meal prepared for us by Lissa and day one started with a session of Yoga breathing exercises. Needless to say…I am having a wonderful experience and consider myself to be one lucky gal!! More on the progress as we move along in the process…. 100_9643   100_9632 100_9635

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