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Welcome to Art by Maron and Edgewood Gallery. I’m thrilled that you stopped by for a visit. Please explore every corner of the site and then take a “stroll” through the art gallery and shop. The pieces that you find in the gallery and shop are from my heart. They are my work and my passion all rolled into one colorful palette! I occasionally have some vintage objects for sale as well so be sure to watch for those little gems! Please feel free to contact me about anything you see or would like to see on the site. I am a very accessible person and will get back to you right away…just click the contact header. Don't forget to visit the BLOG before you leave for an everyday look into my art and my crazy life!!

Artist Statement

“As an artist, I am often inspired by something when I least expect it…when I am not looking for inspiration at all! It may be the texture of a tree trunk, the patina on a rusty fence, the music in my grandchildren’s laughter or the smell of dry autumn leaves. It’s definitely a sensory experience that I later transfer to canvas or paper in my own artistic language. The reason I create art is simple…it is for the pure joy of the “journey” from idea to process to completion of a piece! The ride is spectacular and the end result is exhilarating…even if I am the only one who understands the finished piece. But it is certainly a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction to share my art with others and to have them enjoy it too.”

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